By. David Levithan

summer reading.

           Everyday by David Levithan is a story based on a person who changes into different people’s life and body everyday.            The main character of the story is named A. A is sixteen years old, who changes into a different life and body everyday. A is neither a boy nor a girl because one day he could be a boy and the next day he could be a girl. One day A was in the body of a sixteen year old boy named Justin. Justin wasn’t the best of person. Justin had a girlfriend she was as well sixteen and her name was Rhiannon. Justin did not treat Rhiannon well, and A took notice of that. When A first saw Rhiannon there was something about her that made A really notice her. She was different and not like the others and A fell in love with her. A had a big conflict; he fell in love with Rhiannon but couldn’t be with her every minute everyday in the same body. With this as a major problem A wouldn’t be able to see her ever again, but with her contently in A’s head he was able to see her again. Each day as a different person A would see her but she didn’t know it was him. Until one day A had longed in to Justin’s email and found out there was a party and she was going to be there. As A went to the party A started to talk to Rhiannon. This time A was in a body of a boy named Nathan who is sixteen. A and Rhiannon both talked all night during the party and at the end they exchanged emails to stay in touch. As they start talking A has to tell Rhiannon how A’s life is. Rhiannon didn’t believe him at first, but then as each day past she started to believe him. As A and Rhiannon started to talk and see each other much more they bother began to fall in love, but that was a big problem. A was in a whole new house, life and body everyday that it would be impossible to stay together. With both of them having such strong feelings for each other it broke their hearts not being able to stay with each other. Two literary elements that advance the plot of the story would be the theme and setting. The theme of the story is "love is love". That is the theme because A was a different person everyday in a different home and that didn’t stop Rhiannon from loving A any different then loving someone else. Setting also has a big part in the story because A was in a different life setting everyday.Although A and Rhiannon can’t be together they will still love and remember each other for the rest of there life’s.
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