American Revolution Project

For Socials Studies 9 By Nolan Gartly

Activity One - Important People/Events of American Revolution

George Washington

-Founding father of US

-First president

-Commanded continental army in America

-Faught i almost every battle

-After his fathers death he was recommended to the royal navy and learned about and instead joined a military militia and learned about military there

Sons of Liberty

-Protected rights of colonists and took to the streets of the abuses from the British government

-Best known for the Boston Tea Party

-Members were mostly men

Benjamin Franklin

Helped open libraries and hospitals and a collage

-Also helped draft the Declaration of Independence

-Also negotiated the Treaty of Paris

-He was a delegate of the convention that produced the US constitution

Thomas Jefferson

-Best known for the draft of the Declaration of Independence

-Was governor of Virginia after was was minister if France

-Was second continental of France

John Adams

-Wore home spun to support revolution

-Was vice president followed Washington and was second president

-Wrote Massachusetts Constitution of 1780

-Fought at battles in Lexington and Concord

-Signed peace treaty with Engand

Boston Massacre

-Killing of 5 civilians and injuring 6 others by the British

-2 of the injured died later to injuries

-This caused a battle between the British and the government supporting radicals

Boston Tea Party

-Destroyed a ship transporting tea in defiance of the British Tea Act

-The British responded and the American Revolution began

-The Tea Act violated the right of No Taxation Without Representation

Stamp Act

-This taxed most items like tea, other goods, and land

-Violated right No Taxation Without Representation

-Not only colonist were upset but also the British merchants supplying them

Intolerable Acts

-A list of punitive laws that caused the royal navy to destroy all shipments to the colonies that later led to the Boston massacre

-After that they were all revoked except the Tea Act

-Triggered outrage and resistance among the colonists toward the British Crown

-The acts were a direct response to the Boston Tea Party

Quebec Act

-Set of laws to govern Quebec

-Allowed free practice of catholic religion

-Was considered part of the Intolerable acts to the Americans

-Made Quebec bigger down towards the great lakes and Ohio

Image Deplicting the Struggle for Independance

Big image
This image represents what the colonists had to go through. They had to fight the royal army/navy which at the time had never done.

Activity Two - 8 Major Battle Summaries

The Siege of Fort Ticonderoga

-New York

-Gain munitions and a strategic battle point

-Got weapons and ammo for Americans

-Americans took 100 cannons from fort

The Battle of Chelsea Creek

-Suffolk Country, Massachusetts

-Removed livestock and goods from area and reclaim land

-First naval position secured

-Significantly boosted Moral of Americans

The Battle of Fort Washington

-Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York

-Was a British surprise attack on the fort of Washington

-Lost garrison and many men

-23 hundred Americans were captured and 60 killed

The Battle of Princton

-Princeton, New Jersey

-To retake Trenton from the British

-A battle to keep the revolution going and keep their foot hold on the war

-They won giving moral the people and the revolutions chance

The Battle of Saraatoga

-Saratoga County, New York

-Germans joined the English

-English were moving up the river

-Gave British almost complete control in south

The Siege of Charleston

-Charleston, South Carolina

-British got more control in south

-US lost lots of man power

-Gave British almost complete control in south

The Battle of King's Mountain

-Near Blackburn, SC and King's Mountain, NC

-Gained lots of control in south

-Let US keep pushing them back tell Yorktown

The Battle of Yorktown

-Yorktown, Virginia

-British and French surrendered

-The British commander Cornwallis refused to formally meet Washington O'Hara Presented the Sword of Surrender

Activity Three - The Outcomes of the American Revolution

The outcomes of the American Revolution were the Treaty of Paris officially ending the war and giving the colonists their freedom and ability to make their own laws and ability to settle beyond the Line of Proclamation and expand and build new cities. This made all of the colonies individual and drew the line that separated British Canada and America.

Activity Four - Was the American Revolution Justified or Not?

I think the America Revolution was justified because of what the people were going through. The were being mistreated once they got to the Americas they were being taxed on everything and no say in were it went. This is called taxation without representation. The crown only saw the colonies as a to make money, not as British citizens. They also didn't allow them to settle into the rich Ohio Valley through the Line of Proclamation. They also had no rights toward the parliament unlike any Englishman. This also brought the Declaration of Independence that brought ideas to other countries to bring equal rights for all people. Including women. The declaration also helped shape our laws of Canada. If the American Revolution were not to have happened then we might still be under British or French control This is why I believe the American Revolution was justified.

Image Depicting The American's Revolution New-Found Independance

Big image
This image represents the signing of the Treaty of Paris which officially ended the war.

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