Jakie robinson

by Josue Meza

Jackie Robinson life

Jackie Robinson was born January 31, 1919 and he was born in Georgia.Also he was the first African American baseball player.Next Jackie Robinson full real name is Jackie Roosevelt Robinson.when Jackie Robinson died October 24, 1972.

Why is Jackie Robinson famous for

Jackie Robinson is famous for being the first African American to play baseball.The team Jackie Robinson was playing for was the dodgers.He was number 42.

The chidhood

Jackie Robinson childhood was that when Jackie Robinson was born he was born in Georgia and when he was a kid he move to California.

his adulthood

Jackie Robinson adulthood was that he joying the army.Next in 1944 he started to play baseball for the dodgers.That Jackie Robinson alduthood.

jackie robinson Quotable quote

Did you know baseball is like poker game you will never want to give up if you are losing or if you are ahead.

what i learned from this person

What i learned form this person is to never give up if your losing or wining as long as you have fun.

how to describe Jackie Robinson

The way I would describe Jackie Robinson are that he is brave,grateful,nice,smart,and never gives up.
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five fast fact

Did you know that Jackie Robinson was born in Georgia.Second A other fact is that Jackie Robinson played for the dodgers.The third fact is that he was born January 31,1919.

three importin fact

First did you know that Jackie Robinson was the best hitter in the dodgers.second fact is that he was the first black vice present.Last did you know blacks were still not allow to play in the Major League.

the wibste

The website I found this on this is when was, Jackie Robinson born.A other website is, five quick facts about Jackie Robinson.com.A last website is, Jackie Robinson child hood.com.
Mini Bio: Jackie Robinson