Lon Po Po

By: Logan Sundberg


This book is a wonderful Red - Riding Hood story from China. It starts off as Women leaving her kids at home to see her mother who was having a birthday. A wolf was outside watching the women leave all her kids home alone. So the wolf went to the house and knocked and pretended to be the grandmother, Po Po.

Lon Po Po

About the Author and Illustrator

The Authors name is Ed Young. He has Written And Illistrated many stories. Lon Po Po was one of his best stories because it won the Caldacott Award. It is also a excellent story because of The Illistation done by him. His Illistrations in Lon Po Po are amazing chinese paintings. On his website that ill link down below, tells you about the authors purpose. It said "I wrote this story to be extrodanary and to to be powerful." His book, Lon Po Po won in the year of 1990. The first fact about Ed Young, the illustrator is that he specializes in his chines paintings. Second is that he was accually born in China. And for the third fact he is also the author of all his books. fourth, he is the illustrator of over 80 childrens books. Last though not least he began his illustrations as a commercial artist.


Im Comparing A Sick Day For Amos McGee and the book i choose, Lon Po Po. Lon Po Po is a freaky story about a kids home though suddenly a bad wolf appears. As in the other story, A Sick Day For Amos McGee, its a very happy book and how he cares for his animals at the zoo. To me that is a big defference!