TEAM CSF News - Weekly Update

One Team. One Goal. No Limits.

February 1st-5th


  • Lou Jacobs will visit CSF February 1st! Please make sure that rooms are clutter free and represent current learning.
  • Please encourage your students to participate in the science fair. Please offer incentives for those that participate. Projects are due February 9th. We are counting on you and our students to make this a success!
  • Please remember that we are scheduled for guided reading/math visits in January/February...they will be coming soon!
  • Mark your calendar for our RtI/PBIS visit on Thursday, February 25th.
  • Remember that grades 3-5 have to have one unit in Canvas by the end of the 2nd semester.
  • Teachers report to work by 9am when opening is delayed for two hours; they should report to work by 8am when there is a one hour delay. As always, employees should use their own judgement in assessing their particular situations. We do not want individuals to put themselves at risk by trying to travel in hazardous conditions.
  • Make sure that you are sending signed papers every two weeks.
  • Make sure you are entering grades in PS each week.
  • On, Thursday and Friday we will have "Donuts for Dad", so please park in the back. Also, I will ask that you be present in the cafeteria on the day that your grade level has "Donuts for Dad". I will send a revised duty schedule for Thursday and Friday.

Weekly Update

Monday, February 1-
  • Lou Jacobs visits CSF.
  • No Math planning (planning moved to Wednesday)
  • Good News Club

Tuesday, February 2-

  • Running Club meets
  • ELA Planning (3rd and 4th)
  • Math Planning (5K and 1st)
  • PTO Spring Fundraiser Kick-off at 1:15 pm (wait to be called)
  • PBIS Committee meets at 2:30

Wednesday, February 3-

  • Ehlich and coaches will attend Principals Meeting
  • GT Art
  • App Club
  • 4th Grade attends Orchestra concert
  • Math planning from Monday moved to today (4th, 2nd, and 5th)
  • Activity and Special Ed. teachers help Sunshine committee decorate for Donuts for Dad at 2:45

Thursday, February 4-

  • 4th and 5th Grade Teachers help Sunshine Committee decorate for Donuts for Dad at 2:45
  • ELA Planning (5K, 1st, 2nd, 5th)
  • Craft Club
  • Donuts for Dad K-2

Friday, February 5-

  • Donuts for Dad 3-5

A look at next week.....

Monday -

  • Good News Club
  • Lisa at Math Coach meeting


  • Science Projects due
  • Kelly at Literacy Region Cohort
  • Faculty Meeting until 4pm
  • RtI


  • Verifications due
  • Just Dance Club meets
  • School Board member visits classrooms at CSF
  • Science Fair Awards at 6pm


  • Valentine's Day Party

PBIS Update

  • Our 3rd 9 week PBIS incentive is the "Hall of Fame Dance Party"!

A Few Safety Reminders...

1. Conduct a daily “safety scan” of your classroom each morning as you enter the room. Remove or relocate any items that may create a safety hazard.

2. Ensure the door to your room is closed and locked at all times.

3. Be aware of your surroundings as you walk. Watch for potential slip and trip hazards.

4. Ensure you have a class list with you at all times.