Apple iTunes vs. Google Play

Differences and Similarities


Apple iTunes

  • Has the biggest catalog of music and video offerings.
  • When you buy a song or a video on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you must download it to play it. You can not stream it to your devices instantly.
  • If you back your information up to iCloud you can sync as many as ten authorized devices.
  • Puts more emphasis on music.
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Google Play

  • Not specific about the size of it's catalog.
  • Music that you buy from Google Play automatically goes to your online Google Play library, and you can stream it to any Android device.
  • The download limit is limited to only five devices for movies and tv shows
  • Puts more emphasis on multi media
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How to Access

Apple iTunes

  • Apple iTunes is already downloaded on to all apple products.
  • To download Apple iTunes to your computer go to the Apple website and click "download now" so you can access it from the computer.

Google Play

Google play is all web based so all you need to do it make an account and log in to download apps to your phone.
Both iTunes and Google Plat are pretty simple to access. For iTunes all you need to do is download and you can access it whenever from your homescreen. And for Google Play all you need to do is go to and sign in. It sounds as if Google Play would be easier to access but i haven't personally used it so i don't know how efficiently it runs.


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Most apps that i like, such as, Flow, Pink Nation, Wanelo, Pandora and Twitter are all available on both iTunes and Google Play. As you can see from the graph, iTunes is said to have more apps that Google Play but Google Play is starting to catch up.

So Who Is Better?

In my personal opinion, I prefer iTunes over Google Play. If you look on the internet it say's that Google Play will eventually pass iTunes in revenue sales. I think this could be because of the wider variety of phones that it is used for. I have had friends with Androids that had problems with apps and their phone. I would prefer my iPhone and iTunes over an Android and Google Play anyday. I believe that iTunes is ran more efficiently.

Google Play

Register for publisher account. ($25)

Set up a Google Checkout Merchant account

1. Understand the publishing process

2. Understand Google Play policies and agreements

3. Test for Core App Quality

4. Determine your app's content rating

5. Determine country distribution

6. Confirm the app's overall size

7. Confirm the app's platform and screen compatibility ranges

8. Decide whether your app will be free or priced

9. Consider using In-app Billing

10. Set prices for your products

11. Start localization

12. Prepare promotional graphics, screenshots, and videos

13. Build and upload the release-ready APK

14. Complete the app's product details

15. Use Google Play badges and links in your promotional campaigns

16. Final checks and publishing

17. Support users after launch

Apple iTunes

One time member fee of $99.00

You will need:

  • A name for your app (as it will appear on the App Store. Up to 255 bytes.) Your app name must be unique - you can't use the same name as another app on the App Store.
  • SKU number (must be unique among your apps; can include letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and underscores)
  • Bundle ID (must match the one you set up in your app's Info.plist file)
  • Support URL - a web page for your app.
  • App description - up to 4000 characters.
  • Large App Icon (1024 x 1024 JPG, TIFF, or PNG ) - this image is for displaying in iTunes and on the App Store. It should match the icon in your app.
  • At least one screenshot for each device type that your app supports.

1. Enter your App information

2. Set your pricing and availability

3. Set your version information and category

4.Enter Metadata

5. App review information

6. Download icon and screenshots

7. Upload your binary