The Five Foundations

learn about money

Save a $500 emergancy fund

it's important to save for the unexpected, because bad things will always happen, and once you in debt it's hard to get out.

Having emergancy fund

Having money to fall back on, or an "Emergency fund" of at least $500 or more is extreamly beneficial to your financial well being. it's important to have this money because unfortunate events occuring is inevitable-bad things will happen and it's important to always be prepared.

Pay cash for a car

Having a car that you bought a car on credit you are just nuts just plane old nuts !!!!!. But most people us credit to buy a car but you still have to pay car payments. most people think " ow i got a credit card i am going to by a car " that is the one thing you don't want to do. so pay with cash real cash not that fake cash.

Pay cash for college

you should pay cash for college, student have to pay for books etc... but students end up paying to much for college so they think " i will buy school stuff with a credit card " but i am here to tell you not to do that but just no!!!!!!, you all should pay cash for college no matter what parents tell you.

Build wealth and give

to build wealth is when you see your self say " hay i am going to the mall to spend $50 ". but it is a goal, its a goal that helps you out but lets gust that your brother is about to lose his house an you feel bad for him so you give him a chunk of you wealth to him. you see that is building wealth and giving it away. all people that save money might change some one perspective about saving an give it away.