Weekly Update

Holy Trinity Catholic School January 5th, 2023

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to Provide a High-Quality Education, and to Guide Children in Living the Catholic Faith.


New Year's Prayer

As the dawn breaks on a new year, let us give thanks for all we hold dear:

our health, our family, and our friends.

Let us release our grudges, our anger, and our pains,

for these are nothing but binding chains.

Let us live each day in the most loving ways, the God-conscious way.

Let us serve all who are in need, regardless of race, color, or creed.

Let us keep God of our own understanding in our hearts and to chant God's name each day.

Let us lead the world from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth, and from wrong to right.

Let us remember that we are all one, embracing all, discriminating against none.

May your year be filled with peace, prosperity, and love.

May God's blessings shower upon you and bestow upon each of you a bright, healthy, and peaceful new year.


A Note from Mrs. Longden

Happy New Year! We start this New Year with joy and expectation. It is also an opportunity to look back on the many blessings of this past year.

We have many important things to accomplish in 2023 at Holy Trinity Catholic School.

Goal 1. Our enrollment numbers are key to sustaining and growing our school programs. Gaining a few new students each year benefits all families and staff members. Having our kindergarten and preschool classes filled are critical to sustaining our numbers. Enrollment time is coming in January and February for families. We will host an open house during Catholic School Week. We have been contacting potential families in a variety of ways. The best resource to recruit additional students, however, is the testimony and the invitation from you, a current school family or supporter. Please reach out to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Invite them to consider our school in 2023.

Goal 2. School accreditation is a continuous process that helps our school focus on improvement. The school sets a seven-year improvement plan. During the 6th and 7th year of the plan the school does a full comprehensive study and sets future goals. The accreditation process also requires a review by the accreditation association to give an outside view and review to support the school’s future plans. Our association is called WRISA(Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Association). You will be hearing more about this as the 2023 year continues as we are in our self-study year currently. Our visit by the Archdiocese will take place in fall of 2023 or spring of 2024, depending on when we get scheduled. Watch for more about this throughout the year.

The outcome of these two large endeavours will direct our future. We pray for a successful 2023.


Mrs. Longden

January Virtue - DOCILITY


Saint: St. Dominic Savio

Aspiration: Come Holy Spirit, increase in me the Gift of Counsel

Meaning: Willingness to be taught

Prayer: Dear Jesus, You are my teacher in every situation! Before acting on important matters, please give me the humility to seek Your wisdom and the wisdom of others, in order to make the best decision. Give me the gift of counsel, so that I may do Your holy will in each situation.

Scripture: 1 Samuel 3: 1-10

Opposing Trait: Being stubborn, inflexible, and proudly set in one's ways.

Ways to Cultivate: Listen to others and be willing to follow directions; thank others for rightful corrections.

Looks Like/Sounds Like: Follow directions. Be willing to take turns. "Thank you for teaching me." Listen to the teacher. Listen to others and be willing to follow directions. Thank others for rightful corrections.

Caught Practicing Virtue

The following students were caught practicing our virtues:

Kaden Krueger was practicing the virtue of orderliness when helping 5K friends clean up.

Ella Herman was practicing the virtue of orderliness when helping 5K friends clean up.

Braden Leister was practicing the virtue of orderliness when helping 5K friends clean up.

Tony Kern was practicing the virtue of orderliness when he cleaned the hallway of dried mud.

Blake Scott was practicing the virtue of courtesy when helping a teacher carry items without hesitation.

Tony Kern was practicing the virtue of sincerity when practicing play parts.

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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is January 29th-February 4th

Home and School will be having a Chili Dinner on Sunday, January 29th.

Below is the sign-up genius to help with the Chili Dinner.

If you have questions regarding the chili dinner, please reach out to Courtney Gruber at craeg05@gmail.com.

Catholic Schools Week 2023

Theme: “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.”

We are working on scheduling activities and fun for students the week of Catholic Schools Week.

We will be having students do parts for the 9 AM Mass at St. Michael's and the 11 AM Mass at Holy Trinity. Watch for sign-up sheets in Family Folders sent home today.

After Mass will be our Chili Dinner from 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. and Open House from 12-1. Come check out the classrooms and school building!

We will also be having our Scholastic Book Fair happening throughout the week!

There will be dress up days, activities, a field trip to Holy Angels, a service project, Book Fair, prayer service, Mass, a Talent Show, and Grandparent's Day! Information on Grandparent's Day and Talent Show are in the Family Folders.

Watch for more details soon!

Grandparent's Day

Grandparent's Day will be on Friday, February 3rd, 2023.

We will have a 1/2 day of school that day. Dismissal will be at 11:30. There will be no busses for dismissal that day. Students can either go home with their grandparent or will need to be picked up by a parent.

Information was sent home in Family Folders this week. Please return the forms by January 11th.

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Accreditation Parent Survey

It is time for another survey from the Archdiocese to be used for Accreditation purposes.

Please use the link below to fill out the Google Form, or we sent a paper copy home in Family Folders this week as well. Please complete by January 19th.

Any questions, please contact Mrs. Longden at principal@htschool.net.

Accreditation Parishioner/School Community Survey

To help us with Accreditation, this survey is intended for Parishioners and School Community members. If you fill out the parent survey, you do not need to fill out this one as well.

Please complete the survey by January 19th.

Any questions, please contact Mrs. Longden at principal@htschool.net

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Volunteer Appreciation

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Calendar of Cash

December 22nd - Paige Boden

December 23rd - Steven Hein

January 2nd - Joe Gitter

January 3rd - Betty Beckmann

January 4th - Lisa Neuman-Murre


Calendar of Cash 2023-2024

If you sell all the tickets you had and would like more, please contact the school office.

Any tickets and money sold can be turned in at any time to the school office.

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Upcoming Dates

Friday, January 13th - Baptism Mass (Dec./Jan. Baptisms)

Tuesday, January 17th - End of Semester (3K-5K)

Friday, January 20th - No School - Teacher In-service

January 29th-February 4th - Catholic Schools Week

January 29th-Feburay 3rd - Book Fair

Thursday, February 2nd - Grades 3-5 Field Trip to Schauer Arts Center

Friday, February 3rd - Grandparent's Day (1/2 day of school)

Thursday, February 9th - Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:00-6:30 P.M.

Friday, February 10th - No School - Archdiocesan Professional Learning Day

March 1st-17th - ITBS Testing Grades 2-8

Thursday, March 2nd - End of Trimester 2

Friday, March 3rd - Monday, March 6th - No School- Mid-winter break



January 6th - Shepherd of the Hills vs. Holy Trinity

January 13th - Holy Trinity vs. St. Katherine Drexel (Parent Night)

January 20th - Holyland vs. Holy Trinity

January 27th - Holy Trinity vs. St. Matt's

Weather Changes

As the weather is getting colder, it is important we remember to have the correct clothing here for recess. Please be sure your child is bringing the correct outside gear to wear! Thank you!
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Advisory Commission

If you would like more information about joining or have something you would like Advisory to discuss, please email the Advisory Committee at advisorycommittee@htschool.net.