Community Unit Part 1

in the JLC Class

Last unit of the school year!

It's hard to believe that our school year is coming to an end! For the remainder of the school year, our class will focus on "Community". As we began our community unit, the children listed what they could find in their community and we voted on 6 specific community places that we want to include in our learning and explorations! In June, we will transform into 6 new places!

Upon entering our classroom this month, you will find...

The Police Station

The JLC Class is learning about the different roles and jobs of people who can be found in a police station including:
  • Police Officer
  • Traffic Officer
  • Dispatch
  • Police Chief/Sergeant
  • Detective/Investigator

Throughout this unit, we are focusing on how police officers help protect our community and keep us safe. We are also reviewing some laws and why they are important--including "Wearing a seat belt" and "staying in our car seats".

The Fire Department

The children have worked together to create their very own Fire Engine! In this center, the children will be learning about the different roles of people found in the fire department and how at some, firefighters have beds, kitchens, and even living rooms! The children discussed how the firefighter "family" work together and help keep our community safe.

We will also be learning our addresses as we pretend to call 9-1-1 for fire emergencies and give the dispatch our address! The "firefighters"on call are busy getting their protective gear on, finding the address on our map in "JLC town", and quickly traveling to extinguish the fires!

The School

The children reviewed the roles of the people who work in/for a school including:
  • teacher
  • student
  • director/principal
  • bus driver
  • chef
  • librarian

The children are taking on the many different roles as their classes are in session!

The Pizzeria

The children are taking on the roles of the chef, server, janitor, and customer as they interact int he pizzeria! The children are reading menus, writing orders, and following the steps to make "play dough" pizza!

The Garden Center

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While in the garden center, the children are taking on the roles of: landscaper, gardener, customer, and mason!
The children are working together to design landscape plans and use the materials in blocks to put their designs into action! We also are continuing to grow seeds and bulbs and observe the life cycle of various plants!

The Museum

The children are taking on roles of Museum Curator, Art Restorer, Paleontologist, Visitor, and security guard. While at the museum, the children are displaying their "art work" and their finds from their "dino digs"!

Have you been to a museum with your child? There are 2 museums in New Brunswick that could be fun family outings! Take a peek below for more info!
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Tuesday, 5/24: Field Trip to see Goodnight Moon & Runaway Bunny at the State Theater!
Monday, 5/30: NO SCHOOL: Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Wednesday, 6/1: Noah's Ark soon to be Graduates visit Woodrow Wilson Elementary to spend the morning with a Kindergarten class!

Reading With Your Child

Reading daily with your child can be a memorable experience for both you and your child! We strongly encourage you to read with your child and take turns being the reader and the listener--ensure that there are opportunities for your child to read to you!
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Books with Repetitive Text

The books listed at this site are all books we have read throughout the year and are some of the children's favorites! Feel free to take a peek, and borrow a few from the New Brunswick Public Library!

Also, if you are trying to encourage more reading with your child---this site is amazing for putting your child's name and sometimes photo into the story! It can be a little pricey, but wanted to share for those who might be interested. Don't push the button is a personal favorite from the site as it will have both you and your child engaged and laughing from cover to cover!

JLC Class Staff:

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