Sept 21st Fusion Weekly Reminders

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Sunday, 9/25

1:00-5:00pm #217 Ashley Shock Large

Friday, Sept 30th

5:45-7:45pm #210 Groove Tap

Saturday, Oct 1st

1:00-3:00pm #215 Shock Tap

1:15-3:00pm #202 Jolt HH

3:00-5:00pm #213 Jive Tap

3:00-5:00pm #201 Groove HH

4:00-6:00pm #208 Micro II

5:00-8:00pm #216 Shock Tap Small *Extended Time*

5:00-8:00pm #200 Da Crew/Gravity

Sunday, Oct 2nd

12:00-3:00pm #206 Fusion Production

3:00-5:00pm #217 Ashley Shock Large

3:00-5:30pm #207 Micro I

3:00-5:30pm #203 Jive HH

5:30-8:00pm #204 Shock HH

Monday 9/3-Saturday 9/8- Spirit Week- CC & Co SPIRIT of Giving

*This year we are doing something different. In the spirit of giving back, we are going to give back each day to accompany each day.

Monday- Wear your Favorite Animal

Tuesday- PINK OUT- Wear everything Pink

Wednesday- CC & Co Spirit Day- Wear your favorite CC gear

Thursday- Pajama Day

Friday- School Spirit

Saturday- Favorite Book Character


Friday, October 7th
7:45-10:00pm #212 Jive Jazz Kristin S.
7:45-8:45pm Randi & Hefa Mini/Jr Master Class(Groove,Da Crew, Jolt, Jive HH Onlies, Gravity-INVITED! (If you would like to attend, log onto your Jack Rabbit account and look for class listed as "Randi & Hefa mini/jr master"- cost $30)

Saturday, October 8th

10:00-11:15am Randi & Hefa Sr. Master Class(SHOCK-INVITED!-If you would like to attend, log onto your Jack Rabbit account and look for class listed as "Randi & Hefa Sr Master"- cost $35)

1:15-3:00pm #202 Jolt Hip Hop
1:45-3:00pm #209 Groove Jazz
3:00-5:00pm #211 Jolt Jazz
3:00-5:00pm #201 Groove Hip Hop
5:00-7:00pm #212 Jive Jazz Kristin S.

Sunday, October 9th
1:00-3:00pm #209 Groove Jazz
1:00-5:00pm #212 Jive Jazz Kristin S.
4:30-6:00pm #211 Jolt Jazz

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Instalment drafts

*Please log into your parent portal tomorrow morning. Your September 15th fees will be posted. Please email if you have any questions.

Your Monthly Installments will be drafted on the following dates: October 15th, November 15th, NO DECEMBER, January 15th, February 15th and March 15th. This installment includes SDI, rehearsal, travel, costumes, competition entry fees, and choreography fees for each of your class routines. "Extra dances" will not be included in the installment drafts.
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Important Reminders...

MOVIE NIGHT and PARENT GATHERING- A huge "thank you" to all of the wonderful dancers and parents who attended our movie night and parent gathering. If you were unable to attend, we will post the "CC Reel" online in the near future, and will be rolling out some more clips that did not make the reel!! Martha and Ashley are some of the highlights coming up!

We also highly suggest that you take time to watch "Zootopia",if you have not already seen it, this movie aligns with our mission statement for the year, #BeFearless #BeKind #BeYou and with all of us understanding and sharing the same message, we feel this could be an incredible year! We know that you will love it!

We will post the FAQ worksheet on our website as soon as possible for any new information for the year, but please don't hesitate to email with any questions that we did not address! The administrative staff works very hard to keep you informed, but it is always helpful and respectful for their time management, that they do not have to answer questions that have already been answered in the weeklies or other forms of communication.

If you have not yet joined REMIND101, please do so. We will be sending out important information through this avenue.

AUTO DRAFTS - Moving forward, all autodrafts will be non-refundable after scheduled posting date.


Fusion Secret Choreography 16-17- Our new Facebook choreo page! We have begun adding all of the Fusion families according to choreography session dates.

OPTIONAL CONVENTIONS AND COMPETITIONS- Email with Attention: Whitney in the subject line. Indicate the convention/competition you would like to attend with the city and date. The fee associated with the convention/competition will be added to your account.

CONFLICTS- Please email ALL conflict dates/times to It is imperative for the staff to know these dates to ensure rehearsals are scheduled effectively.

Book your Hotel Rooms NOW! -For ALL optional dance conventions this coming year, a list of hotels has been posted to the Fusion Website Page. Please be sure to book your hotels NOW as the blocks will fill up! All mandatory events will be local!

Jazz Companies - All dancers must wear ballet attire for ballet, tap and jazz until the end of September. They are allowed to wear leggings or shorts over their leotard for tap, but only if it is easily removable. If we cannot see your body placement, we may ask you to remove the extra layers. Click here for a link to your dance wear guidelines.
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Parade Information!!


Just a reminder, the Christmas Parade is NOT Mandatory for Fusion Members. All company members are invited to Participate but are not required to do so.
You will need to sign up through your Jack Rabbit account (listed as: Fusion Christmas Parade) if you would like to participate. Your account will be drafted a $30.00 participation fee and a $10 t-shirt fee(if you don't already have one-we are using the same t-shirt as last year) on Sept. 26th.

The Raleigh Christmas Parade Date is Saturday, November 19th and graduating Shock dancers who choose to participate, will also be required to come to Parade rehearsal the night before on Friday, Nov 18th.