Cellphones: Safe or Radioactive?

By: Devonte Davenport 1st period

The Question and the Issue

It has been a big debate over cellphones being safe or not but do you know the inside story? From reading facts, opinions, pros, and cons it has been proven that phones can be a little unsafe but not exactly what you call dangerous. Here are some pros and cons on cell phones read them and choose if you think your cell phone is safe or not.

The Pros

1. Several studies done on people show that using cell phones is not associated with causing brain tumors.

2. Cell phones have been tested and the results show that cell phones are within radiation safety level set by the FCC.

3. Cell phone radiation is "non-ionizing" and is not strong enough to cause cancer in people.

The Cons

1. Research shows that using cellphones can lead to brain tumors.

2. When doing tests on mice it was discovered that the RF radiation can damage DNA and change genes.

3. Cancer researchers have shown that cellphone radiation could possible cause cancer in people.

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Choose a Side and Explian Why

After doing some reading I have come to my decision, cellphones are safe because they have three very convincing pros over all the cons. First cell phones are not the cause of brain tumors. The second there is no indication that phones are out of a safe radiation zone set by the FCC which states that they are safe. The third pro is that cell phones are not strong enough to cause someone to get cancer. Last I read the 19th amendment says that you can't take what is ours and even if there is some proof that cells phones are slightly dangerous it is at the choice of the people if phones stay or go not the government.


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