The Tigua Tribe

By: Chloe Prowse

Location and Homes

They lived near El Paso in West Texas. The Region they lived in was Mountains and Basins. Their homes were adobe homes that were arranged around a church plaza. A general neighborhood was shared with Mexican, American, and Anglo neighbors. Adobe homes were made out of dirt, rock, and straw. They mixed this stuff with mud which creates adobe homes.
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Food and Tools

The food that they ate was their crops which was corn, beans, and squash, sunflowers, as well as cotton and tobacco . Also Men hunted buffalo and other animals for food and the women gathered nuts, fruits, and herbs for food. They mostly hunted and farmed but sometimes fished. A few tools that they used were bow and arrows, and spears.
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Traditions and Religion

They practiced Catholicism, with some native elements. The patron saint for them was St. Anthony which was the saint of the Pueblo. A small core of people practice a more traditional religion, featuring a katsinalike entity known as awelo, or grandfather, who oversee's all behavior. The tribe also possesses buffalo awelo masks and an ancient ceremonial drum.
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Organization of Leadership

They have a government which is the head of the tribe and makes most of the decisions. This government is Spanish-style civil. There is also a cacique (governor), a alguacilor (sergeant of arms), a war captain, and four assistant captains.

Where are they located now and what became of them

The Texas government kicked them out of Texas and shut down there casino, since then there has been no Tigua tribes around.

UNique Fact

Their tribe name used to be called the Ysleta.
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