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September 16, 2021

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We are alerting you to a new trend on social media called “Devious Licks.” This trend involves encouraging teens to “lick” or steal items from school, whether these items are soap dispensers, toilet seats, urinals, or more and then posting about the stolen item on social media with the hashtag, #deviouslicks. Already, we have had tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage across our District. Additionally, some schools have had to temporarily close restrooms due to the extensive amount of damage and the need for repairs before those facilities can be safely reopened.

In response to this, we are increasing surveillance of our campuses and are currently reviewing camera footage. This is a very serious offense, and if a student is found to be stealing, being in possession of stolen items, or damaging school property (which also includes people’s personal belongings), the District will take appropriate action including:

  • Disciplinary action.

  • Seek reimbursement for the stolen and damaged items from the student or their family.

  • Refer the student to law enforcement.

Please talk with your student about the serious consequences of participating in this trend, or participating in any other activity that involves stealing or damaging school property. We also encourage monitoring of students’ social media activity, as these types of social media challenges tend to involve risky behaviors of which students do not typically realize the serious consequences or threat to the safety of our schools and community until it’s too late.

Thank you for your assistance in helping to put a stop to this activity in our community.

Accessing your Student’s Grades in PowerSchool:

You have three options for viewing your student’s grades in the Antelope Valley Union High school District:

  1. AV High School District App - This app gives you news, information, as well as your student’s progress. It is available on both the Apple App Store and Android App Store. When in the App Stores search for AV Union High School District and download the app.

  2. PowerSchool App - This app ties right into your PowerSchool parent portal. You will get live updates on grades and attendance. This app is also found on the Apple App Store and Android App store. Search for PowerSchool. The district code is NWMZ.

  3. Parent Portal: https://powerschool.avhsd.org This is where you can access all your student’s information from within PowerSchool. You can create an account using the Create an Account tab and filling out the information. You can get your student’s Access ID and Access Password from your school sites main office.

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Eastside High School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!

Eastside High School’s Los Leones Dance Team performed this week during Art Talks to kick off the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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