Child Labor !

19 century (industrial revolution) by Havan Haney


This is a picture of a child working at what seems to be a textile mill.

Jobs children did in factories

  • Doffers- This job was usually for a young boy the age of seven. He would remove the spools filled by thespinning machine and replace them with empty ones. This job required a quik burst of fast paced work.
  • Spinners- This job was typically for girls. They would walk up and down the aisles brushing lent from the machines.
  • Sweepers- This job was for the boys. They went from room to room in order to weep leant and dust off the floor.
  • Chimney sweepers- The children that were small could do this job. Children would go into the chinmeys of the factories and clean up the chimneys. The effects of this would be twisted spines, twisted kneecaps,deformed ankles, eye inflations, and respiratory illness.

hot and tired children

This picture shows that the children were very hot, tired , and dirty.

Hours ,Food and Working conditions

  • Up to 19 hours of work.
  • Working conditions were awfull. Children were hungry, hot and tired. Most jobs required you to stand up all day. Also very short breaks or none at all.
  • The food that was given to the children was dried bread, hard oatmeal, and potatoe and boiled bacon soup.
  • At the year 1900 18% of the american workers were the age of 16!

sad children who have been injured

This child looks to have been injured and hurt. This is a relative picture that looks to be taken recently as child labor continues even today.

Accidents that happened

  • The most accidents that happened were amputated fingers, toes, and hands.
  • Sometimes your shaft would grab your apron pulled you in and it would break multiple bones.
  • In the saddest casessome children even died.
  • Accidents were agriculture related too. Sometimes children would be overheated and overworked that led to tireness and accidents would often occur.

Children who have been beaten

This child looks to be hurt badly. Child labor is serious today. This could have been from a beating.

Punishments Children Faced

  • Children were usually hit with a strap to make the children work faster.
  • Children would even have their heads dunked in water to make them wake up or work faster.
  • Beaten by hand or paddle was an terrible punishment a primary resource says that they were beaten black and blue.
  • An different type of punishment was that when you were late or sick etc.... you would have to pay shillings (money).


This child appears to want child labor to end. Protesters are of any size.

Efforts to improve/ stop child labor

  • Laws in the U.S. is that any child under the age of sixteen can not work without a workers permit.
  • Many efforts were and still are being made to prevent child labor such as protests and money being raised to prevent child labor.
  • One out of every nine children are working illegally.
  • Most countries who have child labor are not in the united states, people are taking action to prevent child labor and are working hard.