Roaring 20


Roaring 20's

Was an economic boom period the that had a positive effect on the daily lives of many ( BUT NOT ALL AMERICANS).New technologies such as the automobile,airplanes,radios,and new appliances improved people's lives.However, some such as SHARECROPPERS,farmers, and under paid factory workers were not able to enjoy this rising standard of living.


Effect- Bootlegger



the action of forbidding something, especially by law.

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definition-A type of black American origin characterize, syncopation, and usually a regular or forceful rhythm, emerging at the beginning of the 20th century. Brass and woodwind instruments and piano are particularly associated with jazz, although guitar and occasionally violin are also used; styles include DIXIELAND, SWING, BEBOP, and FREE JAZZ.
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The Harlem Renaissance, a cultural, social, and artistic explosion that took place in Harlem, New York, spanned the 1920s. During the time, it was known as the "New Negro Movement," named after the 1925 anthology by Alain Locke.

People wrote about life as an Africa America.

They used there writing,poems,and music to tell about there discussion.

Wanted to let people know what Africa Americas went throw.

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    In 1895, a young Italian named Gugliemo Marconi invented what he called “the wireless telegraph” while experimenting in his parents' attic. He used radio waves to transmit Morse code and the instrument he used became known as the radio.

    Radio -

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