Friend or Foe? Yes or No?

My Opinion!

In my opinion, i believe that underage drinkers shouldn't drink if they aren't under supervision by a responsible adult. If they are, they should always check first. People who are legal to buy alcohol should do so as free will. But should think of the risks and consequences before so.

The facts...

-Alcohol is known to disrupt the brain and that is why when you are drunk you take more risks.

- It stops you thinking clearly

- You dont feel pain as much

- It makes you temporarily feel happy.

- It is a depressant

- Alcohol slows down your nervous system and reaction time.

- It can make you feel invincible

- Makes you feel warm inside

- Men shouldnt drink over 3-4 units a day

- Women shouldnt consu,e over 2-3 units today.

Long term affects

- Alcoholism

- Death

- Cancer

- Appetite loss

- Poor judgement

- Lost productivity

Why do young people think its okay?

Under-age drinkers sometimes consume alcohol because they feel its 'cool', but obviously they do not know the consequences or risks. Also, they could feel intimidated. If they were at a party and everybody was drinking, you would feel intimidated to try some. Sometimes, if people have things going on in school or at home that make them unhappy they might drink to make them forget about everything and make them feel happy for a while.
If you need help for alcohol abuse...

PLease visit this site for more help.