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I am going to write this article about my work experience. My work experience was in Elias’s Phone (mobile store) located in South of Spain (El Ejido).

I was working

there during 2 weeks, the fists days was

too hard because I never work before

and I didn’t know what I need to do, what is my mission, some

companions was

rude and

some of

them they didn’t help, but others explain me all things

so I was

so happy and comfortable . Also my manager was so sympatric and he explained me everything, he is always smiling.


Each days I had something different to do, some days I was in check out, I was tidy up, put the prices for the phones, I had to spike with the customers

to told them the new sales, the new mobile phones, I needed know all kind of


mobiles, etc.

What I liked to do was to be in check out, because I didn’t do nothing just sell the phone

and what I hated to do was

spike with the costumer because some of

them was very rude and if I forgot some prices

they shouted me or wanted to spike with my manager, so I hated it.