In Sotsji, Russia

Hate or negative \comment toward gays, lesbians or people who are identified as gay or lesbian

Homophobia is behavior against non-heterosexuality such as discrimination or violence, protests, etc... Nowadays it's very topical because there are Olympic Games in Sotsji. Russia is against gays, lesbians, or people who are identified as gay or lesbian. In some circumstances this along with violence or just swearwords. Russia is not the only country where anti-gay laws are active. These laws are also valid in some African States and also but less in the US. Russia is known for homophobia in many years. The president of Russia said in a speech that gays are welcome in the country, but they have to leave the children alone. This is cynical. The major of Sotsji denies the presence of gays in 'his' town. All this point to homophobia. Many human rights organizations fight against this injustice. They use the Olympic Games as a kind of campaign against homophobia. You can compare the Olympic Games with the 'new' symbol of the human rights organizations.

Wouter Josten - 5HUa

Stop Homophobia!

Gay-rights activists say Sochi Olympics tainted by Russian law