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April 2023 Message from Principal Brown

Spring is in the air!

As we move into our beautiful spring season, please remember to dress children appropriately for the varying changes in the weather throughout the day. The ground will still be wet and messy and snow pants will help keep clothing clean and dry.

The kindergartners are making amazing academic progress this year! We are so proud of them. Our winter FAST scores were fantastic and we look forward to measuring their progress again this spring. Soon they will be first graders!

Kindergarten Dismissal at Curbside

Please note that our end of the day bell is at 3:00 P.M. and then the dismissal begins. Please understand that we have 8 kindergarten classrooms to dismiss at the end of the day. Each classroom has groups of children going to 4 different busses, Kids Connection, and Curbside, therefore, not all children come down to door #2 at the same time. We have an efficient dismissal flow, but dismissal can also be affected by the children themselves. Not all children move at the same pace as one another.

The WLC staff do their absolute best to be efficient in getting all of the children to their designated locations at the end of the day. Please be patient and thankful.

U Turns on Franklin

The curbside drop off and pick up procedures have been shared with parents all throughout the year and have a permanent posting on our newsletter. It is so important that ALL drivers follow the developed procedures. The procedures are in place in order to keep ALL people safe.

We ask that all drivers enter the curbside drop off from the North (coming from 16th Street) and either get in line along Franklin Street curb and wait your turn to enter the curbside area so as not to block the driveway leading to the loading dock. We need to leave that open for delivery trucks, and our custodial and maintenance vehicles. Franklin is a very busy street in the morning and is not the place for U turns. If you haven't been following the procedures, please plan your morning routine to do so. If everyone is following the procedures, then everyone is assured to have a safe and positive experience.

Thank you to all the drivers who have been following the procedures all year. It is greatly appreciated!

LAST CALL for the Washington Learning Center Year Book!

The Washington Learning Center yearbook is 24 full color pages that include all preschool & kindergarten students (Headstart class is not included). Don't miss out on ordering. Late orders will not be accepted after April 10th & there will be a VERY limited amount of extras for sale in the office after yearbooks have been distributed on a first come first served basis.
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Food Services Director - Teri Jesperson

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WLC April Breakfast Menus

Breakfast is FREE for all students from 7:30am-8:00am. Please remember if your child is needing to eat breakfast at school they need to be here early enough to make it up to their classroom by 8:00 A.M. Kindergarten does officially start at 8:00 A.M. and students will begin to be marked tardy if they are coming up late from breakfast. Thank you for your assistance and effort in helping the students be up to their classrooms to get their days started on time.

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Kindergarten registration is held for families who will have incoming kindergarten students for the 2023-2024 school year (age five by September 1, 2023). Please come check out all that Washington Learning Center has to offer by attending our kindergarten registration event! Parents & their future kindergarten student should attend this event together if possible.

Please contact the WLC Office at 507-233-8300 with any questions.

ECFE - Betty Uehling

There is still room in all of our evening ECFE classes, we would love to have more families join us for the last 4-5 weeks of class.

Click here to register online.

Community Family Fair

Join us on Saturday, April 29 from 10:00-11:30

We have space for more vendors, register at <Contact ECFE for more information email

buehling@newulm.k12.mn.us or register for a free space by clicking here!

Vehicle Fair

We are looking for vehicles for our Community Vehicle Fair!

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 5:30-7:00pm

If you have a vehicle you can share, please click here & let us know!

Besides the usual vehicles, we would love to add a tractor, boat, snowmobile, 4-wheeler, etc....anything children can sit in or on. Think outside the box! This is a great community event!

Kindergarten Kickstart

We are working out the final details for this summer's classes. Keep watching for more information!

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Have fun at the ECFE Father/Daughter and or Mother/Son dances!

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Eagles Preschool - Ms. Melissa Nehls

Eagles Preschool students have been getting ready for the spring weather. We have been learning about seeds and plants. The children were very excited to plant different kinds of flower seeds, pumpkins, tomatoes, and more! We started growing them in our classroom using a grow light so the children could watch them grow. The children worked their fine motor skills by using a spray bottle to water the seeds. Once the seeds grew bigger we moved them to an indoor greenhouse to get some more sunlight and warmth. It has been so much fun watching our seeds grow!

Once all the snow melts and the ground warms up we will plant our seeds in the garden boxes! Come and visit the garden soon!

Mark your calendar for Eagle's Preschool Special Person Day Events

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Kindergarten - Ms. Dahle

We have been trying to “March” into spring, but have found adventures along the way!

In March, we were finally able to take our Winter field trip to Flandrau State Park. While at Flandrau, the park rangers were able to teach us a lesson about snowshoeing. We learned why snowshoeing is important and how to use the snowshoes properly. The students then took a walk on the trail in a pair of snowshoes. After snowshoeing, the students were able to spot different tracks in the snow, color matched, and tried to search for letters in nature.

We learned about the letters Mm and Pp during March and had fun with pigs in the mud! Students were able to write rhyming words on pigs and place them in their gooey, tasty mud. We also learned about the letter Vv and made vivid vases with vibrant flowers.

We are looking forward to seeing and meeting our incoming kindergarten students for Kindergarten Registration on the 13th and 14th.

Library & Technology - Ms. Hoek

March’s Scholastic Book Fair was a GREAT Success!

Big thank you to parents, grandparents, community members, and staff for supporting the WLC Library’s Scholastic Book Fair in March. The library will receive over $2000 worth of books and materials for the students to enjoy and read. Your generosity also placed 80 books into the classroom through the teacher wish list program. Plus an additional $43 dollars were donated to the “All for the Book” program. The money is used right away to buy books for the library while Scholastic matches the amount to support kid programs across the United States. Thank you again for your support!

Angela Hoek WLC Media Specialist.

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Phy. Ed. - Ms. Lindell

March was madness! Kindergartners started the month by learning all sorts of basketball skills including; dribbling, bounce passing, chest passing, catching, and shooting a basket. Next, the kindergartners jumped into the jump rope unit where they practiced short and long jump rope skills. While jumping the long jump rope, students used teamwork to learn how to turn the long jump rope. They finished the unit by earning various “Jump Rope Ninja Belts” based on how many jumps they could get in a row with the long jump rope. April will be “popping” with excitement as the kindergartners will be working on volleying skills with balloons. They will learn how to volley using various body parts, for example, their hand, elbow, head, and knee, then get a chance to play 1v1 balloon volleyball. The kindergartners will then learn how to strike or hit a ball on the ground using their hands to play games like gaga ball, wall ball, and striker ball. As soon as the weather warms up and dries up, phy ed will move outside for the remainder of the school year. The end of the school year will be wrapped up by learning how to throw frisbees, bat/strike in t-ball, and kickball.

Don’t forget to stay active for at least 60 minutes each day! With the weather warming up, the opportunities are endless!!

Special Education - Ms. Niki Greenwood

With the snow FINALLY melting, WLC staff love to get outside and take in the natural elements. We learn best when we can actually DO! Working with manipulatives, creating, and exploring. Last month Kindergarten introduced shapes, and the special education team is working on incorporating more outside learning with our students. Did you know we can find so many shapes right outside your door?

The sun can be a sphere!

Steps can be a rectangular prism!

Playground equipment can represent a cone!

Take the time to find shapes with your child on your next walk!

2D shapes:






3D shapes:


-rectangular prism




Happy Exploring!

News from the Nurse

Tara Fausch, Licensed School Nurse

April is Stress Awareness Month. Stress is an automatic physical, mental, and emotional response to change and challenges that everyone experiences and the majority of adults likely don’t feel that we need a special month to be MORE aware of our stress! While we recognize the multitude of stressors that we manage in our day to day lives, it may not be as easy to recognize what may be stressing our kids. As with healthy diet and exercise habits,, the lessons we teach our children now about how to manage stress can serve them throughout their lives. See below for what stress might look like in your child, and for ways that you can help them to better manage it.

Signs of stress in children:

-changes in their typical behavior

-emotional outbursts or increased irritability

-sleep issues: trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, and/or having nightmares

-struggling in school: with focus or in relationships with friends and classmates due to having trouble managing their emotions

-frequent headaches or stomach aches: stress causes the release of a hormone called cortisol, which can contribute to these physical symptoms

-increased defiance: when feeling overwhelmed, becoming defiant or stubborn may be a way that your child is trying to get out of whatever situation is causing them stress

Stress prevention/reduction strategies:

-create routines and maintain them: giving your child something that they can count on being the same most of the time offers a sense of stability and consistency.

-make finding time to talk part of your routine. Be creative. This can happen in the car on the way home from school, while helping them get into jammies, or over a meal at the table. Children tend to share more when not feeling pressured to talk specifically about what may be stressing them and when they don’t have to look directly at you.

-build choices into their day to offer a sense of control. This can be as simple as letting them choose which fruit to have with their breakfast or what story to read at bedtime.

-laugh. Try to find humor in your day to day and share this with your child. Laughing relieves stress.

-make playing as a family part of your routine. Go on a walk, play a board game, sing and dance along with your favorite songs.

-communicate with the other adults in your child’s life, such as teachers, daycare providers, and parents of your child’s friends, about how things are going for your child outside of home.

-encourage healthy eating and sleeping habits

-Don’t create such a full schedule that there isn’t time for relaxation, fun, and self-care.

-model appropriate stress management. Show your child that you can take a few deep breaths before reacting so that they can follow your example.

Ways to help your child manage their stress:

-set clear expectations for behaviors that you will and will not tolerate

-let them know what you would like them to do, not what you wouldn’t like them to do

-maintain your own calm so that you can act rather than react; Do not match their stress or emotion level even when a behavior is upsetting. Be consistent, validate their emotions, and follow through on the expectations that you have set.

-let them know that it is okay to express emotions in appropriate ways

-pick your battles: try to ignore any behavior that may be irritating, but is not unsafe, and offer praise as soon as you see positive behavior

So, while our children’s lives will be full of changes and challenges that we have no control over, we can work to help them to build a foundation for healthy stress management habits that will serve them well now and in the future. For more information on stress in kids, visit: https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/stress.html, https://www.apa.org/topics/stress/children, or https://www.mayoclinichealthsystem.org/hometown-health/speaking-of-health/stressed-out-kids.

School Social Worker - Karla Diehn

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Community School Director - Tammy Lorch

Community Resource: Brown County Car Seat Check

Tammy Lorch, Community School Director

Has your child grown into a larger car seat? Are you heading out on a road trip or two this summer? Did you know seven out of ten car seats in Minnesota are used incorrectly? One of the community resources we have in New Ulm is FREE car seat checks by Brown County Public Health. To have a certified technician look at your installation, call Brown County Public Health at 507.233.6820 and ask to schedule a car seat check.

Community Education - Crystal Fleck

Be watching for our Summer Brochure, we have so many fun things for the Youth to be involved in this Summer! It will hit The Journal on Saturday, April 8th, The Shopper on Tuesday, April 11th, and Registration will begin on Wednesday, April 12th!

Backing Up Your Computer Before It’s Too Late Online Zoom Class

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023 5:30 pm-7:30 pm Fee $26.00

Instructor: Sara Reiman

We all know we're supposed to back up our data. It's essential for peace of mind, but one copy of a file on your computer does not make a backup. Redundancy, people, redundancy! People produce hundreds and sometimes thousands of files every year but fail to take adequate steps to preserve their data. Why? Computers get infected and accidents happen, but even after losing an important document, irreplaceable photo, or entire sets of financial records, some folks still don't take the time. The reason is, backing up takes some effort. But thanks to new software, hardware, and services, it's easier than ever. In this class, we take a look at the types of backups available, as well as the tools you'll need to pull it off, with as little work as possible.

Using Social Media Safely and Privately Online Zoom Class

Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 5:30 pm-7:30 pm Fee $26.00

Instructor: Sara Reiman

How safe is social media? If you use social media, is your personal information at risk? Can you be harmed using social media? The reality is that social media is as safe, or as risky, as anything on the Internet. If you use social media intelligently and responsibly, you can minimize whatever risks exist.

Kids Canvas Painting with Bridget- Jackson Pollock Painting

Instructor: Bridget Gusso

Monday, April 24th

4:00pm-6:00 p.m.

Fee $25

Washington Learning Center (door #1), Room # 104

Grades: K & Up Min 3/ Max 12

Students will be creating a VERY messy Jackson Pollock inspired painting.Students will be enjoying the process of putting paint on canvas in a very exploratory way. This is a BLAST! The artwork will be created on an 8x10 canvas. Remember to wear clothing that can get messy as this process is extremely messy! Bring a snack if you would like.

Registrations can be received by:

Online with a credit card at http://newulm.ce.eleyo.com

Phone: 507-233-8307 (registration is complete only after payment has been received)

Mail: Community Education, 910 14th St. North, New Ulm, MN 56073

Stop in at our office at the Washington Learning Center, 910 14th St. North (door #1)

Crystal Fleck

Community Education Coordinator

Washington Learning Center

910 14th North Street New Ulm, MN 56073 | (-507-233-8307 | *- cfleck@newulm.k12.mn.us

Visit our website at http://www.newulm.k12.mn.us/community-ed/

Like us on Facebook community ed.new ulm

Scan the QR code below to view a pdf copy of the Community Education Brochure:

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Scan the QR code below to sign up for a Community Education Class:

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Mark Your Calendars:


  • April 7th & 10th - NO SCHOOL FOR ALL STUDENTS

  • Monday, April 10th - Yearbook ordering deadline. Late orders will not be accepted.

  • Friday, April 21st - Eagles Extravaganza

  • Sunday, April 23rd, 1:00pm-2:30pm - Daddy Daughter Dance. Tickets required. Click here to purchase.

  • Thursday, April 27th - Preschool classes will attend the MLC production of Stone Soup

  • Friday, April 28th - Kindergarten classes will attend the MLC producation of Stone Soup

  • Saturday, April 29th - ECFE Family Fair

  • Sunday, April 30th - Mom & Son Superhero Dance. Tickets required. Click here to purchase.
  • Thursday, May 4th - Ag Day at the Middle School - Preschool & kindergarten classes will attend (Rain date: Friday, May 5th)
  • Saturday, May 6th - ECFE Grandparent & Me. Registration required. Click here to register.
  • Thursday, May 18th - Eagles Preschool Special Person Day
  • Thursday, May 25th - Last preschool & kindergarten student day at WLC

Drop Off / Pick Up Reminders

Franklin Street

Please refrain from parking on the WEST side of Franklin Street throughout the school day.

Preschool parent cars will be lining up along Franklin, the length of the parking lot, as they wait to turn right onto 14th N Street.

Kindergarten parents will continue to line up along the WEST side of Franklin just north of the parking lot entrance.

Thank you for your efforts in following these plan to keep everyone safe.

Please review the 2 maps below for preschool and kindergarten traffic plans.

Preschool Pickup

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Kindergarten Pickup

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Parking and Entering the Building

Please use the PARKING LOT when you plan to leave your vehicle and enter the building with your child.

We want to keep Franklin Street free of parked cars during drop off and pick up so parents waiting in cars can line up there and not block the street.

Thank you for your efforts in following these plan to keep everyone safe.

Please see the maps and contact the office with any questions. (507) 233-8300

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