Adventure of Jimmy Carters Life


October 1, 1924 a baby was born and little did he know he would soon be dealing with politics.

When he grew up he had a military career in the navy. He soon returned home when his poor father died. He soon married Rosalynn and had four kids that would manage the family peanut farm.

He decided to deal with politics when he won the state senate position. He served two terms in the State Senate. Jimmy became a governor from winning the governors race. Many people adored him when he promoted civil rights, wanted segregation to end, and pushed reforms in Georgia's education.

Jimmy seen that Arabs and Jews were fighting over land and thought he could handle it. He solved the solution by making a peace treaty and having them sign it. The treaty was called Camp David Accords. So many people knew that this had to be a miracle.

Jimmy soon had a problem, and it was erupting. He created the SALT II nuclear limitation treaty with the Soviet Union which limited nuclear weapons! Soviets didn't like the idea and went against the treaty. Because of that Jimmy made a grain embargo and a boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

You thought that was crazy!?! Jimmy messed up big time with the Iris Hostage Crisis. Iris students decided to capture the US embassy and took them hostage. The students were all mad because Iran's leader went to the US for treatment. They would not let the hostages go until Shah was returned to them. So, they tried to make a trade. Jimmy didn't like the trade so he refused to exchange. So the crisis remained. Five months later Jimmy finally decides to do something and tries to send a rescue team. They failed and many US soldiers died from the helicopter crash that went to save others. No one was happy about that. Many Americans were angry and blamed Jimmy for everything.

Jimmy lost the 1980 election and that is when the Iranians decided to let the hostages go.

Although many people were upset they still admired everything he did for them and even awarded him the Nobel Prize in 2002. He received that by being the person who most benefited mankind.

Jimmy Carter wasn't so bad.

Do you think Jimmy Carter was still evil by not saving the hostages or do you think that he is still a good man? Think about it.

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