Bullying Prevention @ W. E. Miller

an overview for parents and the school community

The Background Information

The Shaping Safer Schools (Safe Schools Action Team , 2005) document defines bullying as: "a dynamic of unhealthy interaction. It is a form of repeated aggression used from a position of power. It can be physical, social, or verbal."

The Bullying Prevention Policy (DSBONE, January 2008) for District School Board Ontario North East establishes guidelines for ridding all its schools of bullying behaviour. At W. E. Miller, we are also committed to establishing and maintaining a positive learning environment for all our students which is free of unhealthy interactions between all school members.

Highlights of the initiative:

  • all members of the school community, including parents, need to be involved in the school's intervention and prevention measures
  • specific and clear details concerning aspects of bullying
  • positive school climate is essential to decreasing frequency of bullying

(Bullying Prevention and Intervention: Memorandum #144 . Ontario Ministry of Education, 2012)

Ongoing Interventions:

New Interventions: