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A Paper by the Students for the Students

Nurse Crofton Cares About Wellness at BEA

By: Jayden E.

Blue Earth- Nurse Crofton loves being a nurse! According to Nurse Crofton her favorite part about being the nurse is being able to be involved with the students and their families to try and prevent illness or disease. “The health promotion part is probably the part I like the most,” says Nurse Crofton. Nurse Crofton likes to help people understand the best way to get healthy and stay healthy. During the day about 30 people come to the nurse's office for daily medication or not feeling well or have an injury. Crofton’s grandma, Shirley Humburg, was the school nurse here at BEA for many years. Nurse Crofton has worked at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and at St. Mary's hospital. She worked on a cardiac floor for nine years. She also spent time in the Patient Education Center teaching people about the surgeries they were going to have. Mrs.Crofton still works at St. Mary's when she has time. Mrs.Crofton says that the worst thing she has had to deal with was also one of her most memorable patients, a 24 year old young lady who had stomach cancer. The patient had a husband and young infant baby and was one of the most inspiring people she had ever met. Nurse Crofton says that everyday is unusual from odd injuries, to hard-to-explain symptoms, no day is ever the same.

Breathing Room

Evvy is a little girl with tuberculosis. She has to go to Loon Lake to get cured, and she doesn’t know if she is going to survive or not. Some people get cured and get to go home and others have to stay there for longer. Evvy has three other people in her room with her, and they all hate being there. Some are betters than others, but they don’t know when they are going to be able to go home. It is very sad.

This story takes place at Loon Lake Sanatorium in 1940 “Some of the main characters are Evvy, Sarah, who is quiet but thoughtful, Pearl, who adores Hollywood glamour and Dina, whose harshness conceals a deep strength.” The problem is that Evvy and her friends have tuberculosis and they don’t know what is going to happen.

During the day they go to treatment and when they aren’t at treatment they are usually sleeping. It is very sad to hear the struggles that the girls have to deal with. They have a favorite that works during the night. She brings them pop and snacks when she comes to check on them. It would not be very fun to have to go to treatment and then go to bed every single day until you get better.

In my opinion this was a very good book. Not many people know how it feels to be in her spot. Read the book “Breathing Room” by Marsha Hayles to find out if Evvy and her friends survive and have a better life.

Do apps help you or just waste your time?

Have you ever had to use a app for school or to help you with homework when your at home? Well most people have. Some people like to use apps to play games or to read the paper but it can be a huge help no matter what you are doing. Since technology has became more popular there has been more and more apps coming out. “Studies say at least 1 app per week.” It would be great if we could use these apps more often to help us.

Apps have been a big help in schools since all the technology has came out. Whether it is for a game to teach the students something or a assignment online. Classroom is a google app that has helped teachers in many ways. Although some apps can get us in trouble. Some people play games or get in trouble. Many people take the internet for granted.

Many students use different kinds of apps in there home. Some believe that they should be able to use all the apps they use at home for school. So in a way apps can help us or hurt us. They can help us in school if we are doing the right things and following the rules but also they can hurt us by using the wrong apps. I wouldn’t beleive that calling and texting are an app but they can still be used and can get us in trouble. Also calling and texting can help because if you are at school and you don’t know what to do afterwards you can text your parents.