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April Edition


The PTO Book Fair is coming to Reynolds from April 2nd - 4th. Look out for information regarding class times and extended hours.


Report Cards

Today students will receive their second trimester report card. Please keep in mind that a report card is information for the parents, it provides insight regarding student performance. The comments reflect beneficial information and goals for the next trimester. Please be sure to discuss the report card in a general way with your child. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions. Discussions can often provide additional clarity when needed.

The Placement Process

The placement process for the 2019-2020 school year begins in April. On April 1st our Parent Input Form will be sent out via email. This year, we are using a Google Form for the first time. The Parent Input Form provides the placement team with data to consider when deciding class placements. The form will also be posted on the Reynolds website. The goal of the placement team is to create well-balanced classes that will meet the needs of all children. The professionals that participate in the placement process include: classroom teachers, related arts teachers, guidance counselor, CST members, special education teachers, BSI teachers, and the principal. The Parent Input Form provides you with an opportunity to share information about your child that you feel will be helpful to the placement process. Remember this is not an opportunity to request a teacher; it is an opportunity to share your thoughts regarding your child's needs for the next school year. Please use the form and refrain from sending letters or emails. All forms must be submitted by April 24th. Please be advised that following the April 24th deadline, the link will be inactive and no further requests regarding placement will be accepted. There will be no exceptions because of the complexity of the placement process.

Allergy Awareness Day

On March 27th, Reynolds School hosted the 2nd Annual Allergy Awareness Day. Students participated in a workshop given by Dr. Sherman and Mrs. Shamus. The workshop focused on how students can be PAL to our friends with allergies. Following the presentation, students worked on a reflection activity in their classrooms that will be displayed around the building.

Our School Safety team, led by Mrs. Santos and Mrs. Slacin, coordinated the event with Mrs. LoPiccolo and our parent representative, Mrs. Kotz.

Upcoming April Events

PTO Book Fair- April 2nd-4th

Kindergarten Green Thumb Day- April 11th

Input Forms Due Back- April 24th

Spring Recess- April 15th-19th

Wellness Day- April 22nd

See the Reynolds Calendar for Additional Dates