NYC 9/11 Attack had world in shock

Dear John


John meets Savannah while on break from his tour in Germany, and falls madly in love with each other. When everything seemed at its highest, John was hit with the tragic fact of 9/11. Now John must choose between leaving Savannah and his Asperger's Syndrome diagnosed father or going to fight for his country. John learns that by leaving Savannah, he must trust her with all his heart that everything will remain the same. But for Savannah, how long can she hold up knowing that the possible love of her life is in Iraq fighting for our country? 'He might not even make it out alive' She thinks. With this in mind, Savannah explores the fact that he won't even be home for most of the time, 'I won't have a normal life, he'll be in and out of my life half the time.' Savannah ponders. Dear John is based on the trust relationship between John and Savannah, and how they learn to cope with the fact of reality.

Through thick and thin, love transforms us all in the end.

Dear John is about John and Savannah. John is on leave from his tour in Germany and decides to fly out to North Carolina to visit his father. He ends up meeting Savannah while on a walk and as soon as that happens they click instantly. Everything seemed planned out for them, once John comes back from another two years of serving in the army, he'll resign, and spend the rest of his life with Savannah. Simple, right? Until 9/11 hits New York and leaves everyone in shock. John must make an important decision from choosing either Savannah, or fighting for his country. This book shows you that you don't need to find love to fulfill life. Maybe just the fact that knowing the person you love is perfectly fine and happy is all it takes for John.

Nicholas Sparks

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