The Deaf Inventor

Thomas Edison

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. when Edison was 21 he invented his first invention it was an electronic voting machine (which the government denied). He grew up in Milan, Ohio and lived till he was age 84. His most famous invention was the light bulb. The first phonograph was a success in 1877.

Back then and today

The phonograph is like the radio because they both play music. Most people in joy listening to music. They both have CDs (the phonograph actually has records).the phonograph like the radio is not portable like iPads and iPods.

The phonograph is diffrent from the radio because a phonograph is about 4ft tall and 2ft wide, The radio is not even 1ft tall and 1ft wide. The phonograph has no buttons and no antenna. The radio does. The radio does not have a needle like the phonograph.


Cool facts about the deaf inventor Thomas Alva Edison !???

Thomas Edison invented 1,093 inventions, those inventions woke up the world saying,"we can do amazing things if we try". If Edison hadn't invented the phonograph or the light bulb

Or the other 1,091 inventions we might not have such advance technology has we have today.