Alumni Newsletter (Issue #1)

Hello Quarter 1 of 2015!

Dear alumnus,

Greetings from AIESEC in USM Gen2015! :)

Here is our very first alumni newsletter, Odyssey which means long, adventurous journey. We hope that you still have fresh memories about your AIESEC journey experience and we would like to share and keep you update with the events happening around in AIESEC in USM by releasing Odyssey by every quarter.

So now, happy reading first issue of Odyssey.


MyLDS 2015 : United we DREAM, Together we FIGHT!

Hey AIESEC! myLDS 2015 was held at University Putra Malaysia (UPM) last January duringthe CNY break. Here many junior executives gained a better and deeper inside of Why we do what we do. Many activities were held such as innovation space, Youth to Business Forum, Global Village and many more. Let's look back at the adventure they went through!

AIESEC in USM @ MyLDS 2015 ;D

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Chief Delegate (CD) Team 2015

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Global Village : the down under Australia!

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MyLDS 2015 Golden Fox Award Night

Congratulations to AIESEC in USM for bringing home 2 awards during the Awards Night of MyLDS 2015!

The Most Lengzai and Lenglui Award

The Most Wonderful Country Global Village

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Finally after 2 rounds of election, once again we would like to congratulate Puah Chien Yee for being elected as the Local Committee President elect of AIESEC in USM for term 2015/2016! Wishing you all the best embarking your leadership journey on a whole new level!

Not to forget Davis Lim Tiong Hean and Mikaela Chong Ching Yang, who have shown the plenary their tremendous courage and determination in pursuing their beliefs. Remember that leadership is not bounded by position nor title. Remember to continue to stand for what we believe, for if we don't, the world will stand on us.

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Alumni Convocation

USM’s 50th Convocation prove that we AIESECers always strive for excellence. A very huge congratulation to our Alumnis that recently graduated last few months ago. Together we wish them all the best in their future and may they always shine bright like a diamond!

Local Committee President 2013/2014 : Lim Su Hui
Vice President Mac (Main Campus) 2013/2014 : Ivan Yong Chung Ee
Vice President Mac (Main Campus) 2012/2013 : Anson Tung Wei Hao

Local Committee President 2012/2013 : Christine Kok Siew Chean

Vice President TM (Main Campus) 2012/2013 : Ashley Poh Kay Chin

Vice President FA (Main Campus) 2012/2013 : Derrick Ooi Kor Thong

Senior Executive Member (Main Campus) 2012/2013 : Emmy Kong

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(from left) Ashley Poh, Derrick Ooi & Christine Kok

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Lim Su Hui

Member Recruitment Drive (MRD Eng. Campus)

Last year, Engineering Campus has organised annual recruitment drive, recruiting new blood to our AIESEC family. This event was held in DK8, good response is given by the students in the campus and everyone are proactively participate in that night.

Member Recruitment Drive (MRD Main Campus)

In the mid of October, AIESEC in main campus too began to scout for raw talents and amazing personalities to join our huge AIESEC family. Here we have additions to our AIESEC family :)
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Exchange Participants Recruitment Drive (EPRD) Main Campus (Outcampus)

After much preparation and many sleepless nights, we successfully held our first EPRD in INTI Penang. We held our promotional booth on 27th-29th October and Info Session on 29th of October. As a result, we now have 2 newly recruited EPs from outcampus. Hooray!
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Exchange Participants Recruitment Drive (EPRD) Main Campus (In Campus) - Winter Peak

On the 12th and 14th November we got our groove going on for Winter Break Global Citizen Program (GCP) and ended it with a bang!
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GCP Winter Peak Exchange Partcipants (EPs)

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Exchange Participants Recruitment Drive (EPRD) Eng. Campus

Winter Break Global Citizen program recruitment was on fire! Many students gathered around the booth, showing interest about exchange programs. The EPRD was held in PUMA hall on 4/11/2014 Tuesday night.

Penang Youth to Business Forum (PY2B)

On the 6th of December 2014, the 2nd Penang Youth to Business Forum took place. It was definitely a worthy experience with many new knowledge and insights being served to the plenary. With Teach For Malaysia, Intel, Vitrox, Dell and MaGIC joining us for a workshop, I'm sure that the newly gained experiences and ideas have given us all a thought about the future generation and the development in Asia Pacific through collaboration. Let us together work towards a better future!
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Main Campus: TLP General Training 2

TLP General Training 2 with the theme Crisis Management was conducted by our very own alumni Rubi Mahes, the first ever LCP of AIESEC in USM. It was a very inspiring and mindblowing session! :D

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Engineering Campus: General Training 2

Where "impossible is made possible", external speaker Webster Ku from Light House Learning Group (LHLG) gave alot of helpful information regarding useful methods to increase your learning ability and much more. A take a home message from this session is "JUST DWIT" : Just Do Whatever It Takes! ;)
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#Sharing is Caring


AIESEC has taught me to be confident in approaching challenges and have faith in own capability. There is no moment that we are most ready. Be comfortable in the sea of uncertainty and it is at those times when we can grow the most. Besides, AIESEC has provided me an international platform to meet bright young talents across the world and developed me to be a global citizen. Through AIESEC, I have seen how impossible dream came true in the lives of many young entrepreneurs and leaders. It motivated me to do the same.

I joined AIESEC because I wanted to learn and experience 3 things in my university life, Leadership, English language and networking in a global stage. AIESEC is arguably the best platform for me to practice the above 3. After I've joined AIESEC, I realized that it can provide more opportunities as it opens the door to make friends with people across Malaysia and the world.

The most unforgettable moment in AIESEC is Square Dance! It is such an enjoyable moment to dance with your best mates in AIESEC and in front everyone. It was one of those beautiful moments to be remembered always.

My AIESEC journey only officially lasted for 2 years. I did not run for senior position as I had to leave to the US to study. Nonetheless, it was the solid 2 years of AIESEC life which had broaden my horizon and taught me invaluable lessons which I still practice until today. It is the beauty of AIESEC. It is the DNA and culture that mind the most - not the title nor ranking. During my years in the US.., I also mingled with my American AIESEC friends in Washington D.C. and made a formal presentation on Malaysia. I had a colorful university life and AIESEC played a pivotal role in it.

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I had a Team Leader Program experience in oGTP. I worked with a team of 13 from my university. We were working on Global Talent Programme because we believe by doing this we will create more valuable exchange experience for the students. My role was to be part of the pioneer team and lead my members to build the foundation for Global Talent Programme. This program challenges me because it was the first time that this programme is being carried out in our LC and my team and I had face a lot of uncertainties. This is my best AIESEC experience because I have challenges myself to try to do more than what I thought I can do and it taught me that "try to challenge yourself because it may surprise you". Now I'm continuing my AIESEC journey by having an exchange in Taiwan.

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Q: What are your future plans in AIESEC?

A: I would like to contribute back to AIESEC as an alumni. Like chairing some sessions, sharing my experience or even give full support back to AIESEC. Besides, would really love to spread the essence of AIESEC to people around me :)

Q: What changes in this generation that you see that can bring AIESEC in USM (AUSM) to greater heights?

A: I would say purposeful members. I believe that if every member in AUSM understand the essence of AIESEC, it will lead to a more effective operation and also carry the AIESEC values within them.

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