Reno and Me tree Adventures! (by Ethan)

Red Oak

The scientific name for a Red Oak is a Quercus Texana. The growth rate of this beautiful tree is fast, an approximate height of 30-75 feet tall. The region that it grows best is the south. The lifespan of these beautiful tree is 75 years. The leaves on the trees seem to look like this, the upper part of the leaf is dark green the undersurface is light green and can be 4-8 inches long as well as 3-6 inches wide. There are no flowers that blossom on this tree. It reproduces with seeds that are mostly likely spread by wind or other animals. To plant these you must keep a watchful eye on them for the first couple years!

Live Oak

Quercus Virginiana or known as the live oak. This tree can grow up to 25 inches a year and grow up to be 60-80 feet! These trees can live for over a hundred years! They produce seeds that are 2-4 inches long through acorns. They reproduce through there seeds, like the red oak are most likely spread through wind or animals. There leaves are about 4-8 inches long and stay green all year long! The lifespan for this tree is over 100 years! Best grown in the eastern parts of the U.S!

Red Cedar

Red Cedar or known to tree experts as Juniperus Virginiana. The growth rate on this tree is medium with 12-24 inches a year. It grows up to 30 feet or taller. Grows best in eastern U.S. The lifespan for this tree is 150 years. The leaves are scale like green terminal spine and produces berries. It reproduces around June it has seeds with berries covering them. Plant these in the spring let them grow naturally by nature add some wet hormones to help them grow faster.

The end of the Reno and Me Tree Adventures!! ( by yours truly the one the only Ethan Payne Barton)