Prostate Cancer

By: Makenzie Leichsenring


Prostate starts in the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a small gland that helps make up the male's reproductive system. It wraps around the urethra, wich is the tube that carries fluids out of the body.


Radiation treatments -

Hormone therapy- Shrinks tumors so they can go through radiation.

immunotherapy- keeps cancer from growing and producing new cells.

Proton therapy- focused ray of protons used to destroy the tissue contained with the cancer.


Symptoms: Anemia, bloody urine, bloody semen, abdmoninal pain, fatigue, leg inflammation, bone pain, spinal compression, and weight loss.


-No smoking

-Eat healthy


-Reduce stress

Test to detect:

-Digital rectal exam

-Transrectal ultrasound

-Prostate specific antigen blood test