Death Cloud

This project was made by Jasmine Cruz, Block #3

Main Facts About The Book ( Summary Included)

Author: Andrew Lane

Summary: This story begins in 1868 near London, when fourteen year old Sherlock has his first murder mystery of an unexpected death. He meets new people along the way that help him unravel of a mysterious case that is more than it seems. Sherlock is mixed up in this evil plot that has a very evil leader.

Character Analysis

Sherlock: A very intelligent and sophisticated young boy. He is always curious and never lets his cowardliness show.

Matty: He is a hard worker and knows his way around the streets.

Mr Crowe: A very intelligent man with many ways to help out of a sticky situation.

Virginia: Mr. Crowe's daughter. She fells confident that she can do what anybody else can do and never backs down from a challenge.


The year is 1868. We are in a London. The setting changes to a town called Farnham later in the story. Sherlock is in Deepdene, a boarding school for boys. The school season has ended.


Exposition: Sherlock is about to leave Deepdene when he gets surprising news about his father going to India for an unexpected mission. He ends up staying at unfamiliar relatives, even though he does not want to.

Rising Action: Sherlock meets A boy named Matty Arnat who tells him About the murder. Sherlock also meets Mr. Crowe, his study tutor that his brother recommended. Mr. Crowe helps Sherlock to uncover the mystery while, during time, he get in chases, fights, and gets kidnapped several times. Sherlock soon finds out that the people who, killed him was a so called company of some sort, and the way the man was killed was by a swarm of bees.

Climax: Mr. Crowe takes Sherlock, Matty, and his own daughter for Sherlock to meet Virginia , on a trip to London where they are very close to solving the mystery. They do not yet know who is the mastermind behind the evil, group.

Falling action: Sherlock gets chased yet again by the evil company and shortly gets away. Afterwards, he finds out the company is taking a boat to give clothes for the solders who were going to fight but would die because of the attractive bee pollen on their clothes. He was later kidnapped onto the boat, along with


The mastermind, otherwise known as The Barren, fought Sherlock until he ran away seeking revenge. Sherlock and Virginia later got out of the boat to find out they were on the port of France. Mr.Crowe and Matty find them and get to the bees before they are released into London. Everyone gets on a boat and gets back to the English port. Where Sherlock's brother is waiting for him.