Equal Rights For Homosexuals

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The truth.

Homosexuals do not have equal rights as everyone else in the US. About 40% of Americans don't support gay rights which, in our opinion, is a horrible statistic. Only 13 states have actually legalized gay rights, which means 37 states still don't support it. The idea that homosexuals do not have the same rights as all other people is completely unconstitutional. How would you like it if you were given stares in public every day?

Discrimination against homosexuals.

Gay people have been discriminated against in many ways just because of their sexual orientation. For example, if a homosexual person is applying for a job, they may not get it just because they are gay. It is sad to think that anytime you go out in public with the person you love, you are looked at and whispered about. Our goal as a country is to accept people for who they are not make fun of them for whom they love.

What Happened?

As a result of the Gay Rights Movement, which began in the late 1970’s, more and more people in the United States have begun embracing homosexuality. As you interpret the graph at the very bottom, you will find that the support rate for homosexuals is gradually increasing year after year. Although that number is increasing, the number of states that support it is not. This is a national conflict because the majority of the nation claims that they support gay rights, so why can’t the Supreme Court see that?

In 2003, a Supreme Court decision struck down all state laws banning gay sex acts. Following this act, the data collected from the Gallup poll showed that 89% of the voters are for gay marriage/rights. Statistics have been showing an increase in equal rights since the Gay Rights Movement first started.

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The Solution

The ultimate solution for Equality among gays is creating a nation wide law supporting gay marriage, and access to all benefits that they have been denied. In order to reach this goal, people can hold organized events to raise awareness for homosexuals, continue to fight for equality, and even ask for support from other countries. Every person is able to make a big impact. Will you dare to speak up?

Here is a more formal list of steps to take in order to reach equal rights:

  • Educate schools and workplaces about what gay rights are; seminars, assemblies, etc.

  • Hold organized and peaceful protests/rallies for gay rights

  • Now that the public is educated, start to hold more polls and voting about the topic

  • If majority is in favor of gay rights, then make a nation wide law.

  • If majority is not in favor, then: try again, or ask for support from other countries.

By: Grace Gray, Lily Snow, and Caroline Parlantieri