The Rolling Stones

By: Josh Strong

Formed in 1962, the Rolling Stones have been named as the worlds greatest rock band. The band blended blues with rock often showing the darker side of rock and roll in comparison to the Beatles with the brighter side. This combination and early pioneering into the field of rock and roll allowed them to become hugely influential. The Rolling Stones have released twenty-nine studio albums, eighteen live albums, numerous videos, concert films and compilations and have created one of the largest rock and roll empires over the years. The amount of work they have done and their longevity testifies towards how the have changed Rock and Roll entirely since the start. They have made it more popular and more powerful than previously thought possible. The group was first so appealing for their looks. Later on as they developed and created their unique blues/rock and roll sound they became popular for their musical differences. The Roots of Rock “n” roll/Rhythm and Blues can often be attributed to the rolling stones as they were the first to combine the 2 while making it popular. The real roots of these types of music though, were the combination of black and white music preferences in the 1950's. Artists like Fats Domino and Presley combined and brought together these cultures to create rock and roll and rhythm and blues. Today, the Rolling Stones remain popular due to the fact that they continue to create music and stay together. Their popularity can also be attributed to their success early on in the 1960's through the 1980's. This success with major songs like "Gimme Shelter," "Satisfaction," and "Sympathy For The Devil," gave them a legacy in many hall of fames which keeps their music popular even today.
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1962 - The Rolling Stones are first formed

1963 - The Rolling Stones go on their first tour

1964 - Their first album is released

1965 - Satisfaction becomes their first #1 hit

2013 - Their latest album "Hyde Park Live" was released

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