Episode Twelve

Beef Studios: The Selling Dead

In a follow up to their debut video, "In the shoes of a teacher," Ray and Shawn are faced with some enthusiastic PRHS apparel sellers. Beef Studios is back in excellent form with another thrilling video.
Beef Studios - The Selling Dead

See If It Works Studios: "You're Beautiful"

PRO-TV conducted a social experiment to see how students reacted to being complimented. Here are the touching results.
See If It Works Studios - "You're Beautiful"

What Productions: Teens vs. Wild

Adventurer and survival expert, Annabel, has been assigned the task of trying to survive one day at Park Ridge HS. Can she succeed? Or will the challenge end in riveting failure?
What Productions: Teens vs Wild

Ice Breakers: The Magic Pencil

There is a magic pencil circulating PRHS. Only one student can find it and harness it's power.
Ice Breaker Productions - The Magic Pencil


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