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FM9 Student Led News Source - December 2, 2016


Next week FM9 students enrolled in English I, Algebra I, or Biology during the fall semester will be taking the STAAR EOC. Students will be assigned a specific testing room. Please use the links below to check your testing room location.

Monday, December 5th

English 1:

Tuesday, December 6th


Thursday, December 8th

Algebra 1:


Lunch PLaylist

If you would like to request a song to play during lunch on Fridays, then submit your request here. Song recommendations must be school appropriate in order to be added to the playlist.

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Best Presents To Get For Parents

We know it's hard to find that great gift for your parent's for Christmas. Tons of people struggle every year with Idont'tknowwhattogetmyparentsforChristmas. Luckily this illness is curable with our simple list of great gifts that your parents are guaranteed to enjoy!
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"The Smart Techie" - Apple Watch - Series 2 ($269-$299)

Apple just recently released the newest update to their popular Apple Watch line-up, the Series 2. This upgrade adds built in GPS, water-proofing, while still keeping it's sleek design, great battery life, speedy performance, and great software capabilities. This product is the perfect gift for your Mom or Dad who want to have easy access to notifications and apps without the need for their phone.
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"The Simple Listener" - Jaybird X3 Wireless Earphones - $129

Coming in at $129.99, these Wireless headphones are perfect for a parent who loves music or wants easy pairing with their device for a quick podcast or trip on a plane. They come with multiple sized ear tips and use wing-like fins to secure the fit in your ear (these can be taken off if needed). If they get sweat or water on them, they should be alright because of their water-resistant casing. Quick music control and phone calls are easy with the built-in controller right on the cord. An 8 hour battery is fit right into the earphones while still keeping they're small and compact size and high quality sound. These well priced, wireless ear-buds are the best choice for a parent just wanting to use comfortable earphones without the need for cable management or difficult pairing.
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"The Softie (Drink)" - Keurig Kold 8oz. Drinkmaker - $357

Offering a wide variety of sodas that your taste buds will love, Keurig had done it right with this new homemade soda machine. You will save money from buying soda in the future, due to their new pod system. Keurigs are extremely easy to use and simple to make drinks. This is the perfect gift for a family that loves soft drinks but doesn't want the stack of cans in the pantry.
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"Strong Parenting" - Fitbit Alta - $149

The Fitbit Alta is the best way to motivate you to get out and track your activities. The Fitbit company has made a variety of products with different styles, functions, and prices. This one has the best features for the best price out of their line of Fitbits. With their sleek design, it feels like nothing is on your wrist, so its less distracting to workout with. The app is clean, simple, and has fun rewards for milestones reached. Even if your parents aren't the fitness type, they will still benefit from tracking your steps, calories burned, and heart rate.
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"The Adventurer" - Hydro Flask - ($21.95 - $51.95)

When you're at the beach or out in the dead of winter, Hydro Flask has got you covered. Their new, innovative insulation technology provides you with 24 hours of cold water and 6 hours of piping hot drinks. Their unique design is grippy and sweat-free while protecting your water from dirt or weather. Even if your parents aren't going on some crazy adventure, that doesn't mean they shouldn't suffer from lukewarm water.

Written by: Logan Jones & Cale Balusek