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April Newsletter Issue VIII

Principals Message

April is national poetry month! It is an opportunity for our school community to be reminded that an Emery Spartan is a wonderful gift. Spartans must stay focused to achieve your goals. I wrote this poem, entitled The Emery Spartan Vow to honor all of my students at Emery High School. You have faced many obstacles during this school year and yet you still stand strong.


Written By Principal Eddie Scruggs Smith

I am an Emery Spartan and I rise to meet the challenges of the day.

No obstacles such as negativity or a pandemic will get in my way.

I am here, devoted to academic success.

I will achieve all that I can because I am the best.

By working hard I can reach my dreams and follow the three P's.

I will Be Positive towards all of my peers and the Emery staff that support me.

I will Be Purposeful with my assignments, when engaging my peers, and get to school on time.

On the shoulders of my ancestors I stand, growing resilient and strong as I climb.

I will Be Productive in my leadership as well as encourage my fellow scholars to hold fast to their goals.

I will never forget, that I am an Emery Spartan with a dedicated and determined soul.

Be Positive. Be Purposeful. Be Productive. Be a Spartan Graduate. #SpartanStrong

Principal Scruggs Smith, M.Ed

College and Career

Stanford University virtual tour and presentation

Thursday April 29 @10:30am

Sports Corner

Over the last four years, the Emery High School Athletic Program have experienced much adversity. We would like to give special recognition to our Seniors. Who have continued to workout Virtually, individually or Through Club Sports during these Unprecedented times.

Soccer: Ibrahim Algaradi( MVP, All- League) and Abdul Ismair. Team captains Gustavo Cuevas( 4 year starter) and Devin Sobersha, Naseer Aaid, Fuwaz Kassum and Ian Mendoza (4.50 GPA)

Softball: (MVP) Timara Carpenter

Girls Basketball: Naveah Armstrong
( Competed at NCS Semi-Finals)
Boys Basketball: Jayden Cummings
( Mvp, All league Honors, Well decorated)

Track and field:
Girls: Kayla Vila-Flores( MVP, 3rd on Emery’s all-time 200m list)
Boys: Naias Johnson( MVP, Junior Olympian) both have been recruited and will run in College.

Emery High School CAASPP Testing Schedule

EHS will complete their state testing May 17 - 28, 2021 for all 11th grade students. The schedule for testing is shared below. Please add these dates to your calendar. Shout out to all the amazing juniors who did an outstanding job during our interim testing in March! Class of 2022, you are going to do a phenomenal job on this assessment just because are all EMERY SPARTANS!

Poetry Night Awards

Standout Metaphor- Kiara Rodriguez, Mehik Gill, Ricky Vasquez

Standout Juxtaposition- Angie Rhodes, Lex Mondoza, Kiara Rodriguez

Standout Rhyme- Abdul Aaid, Adan Blanco, Helena Demessie, Lois Zerai, Makayla Puckett, Mariam Romo, Treasure Metters.

Makes a Powerful Statement- Adan Blanco, Chaniece Holloway

Keanu Reeves Award for "Whoa"- Alexsi Webber, Hamid Naghavi, Kaliyah Ary, Sanae Hendrix

Star Spartans

Tom Salvatore, Music Teacher

Mr. Salvatore plays "Don't You Wish"
  • Raised in Oakland, Ca
  • Over 15 years of experience,
  • Taught at Emery High School for 10 years.
  • Loves working at Emery and hopes to be there a long time.
  • Now lives with his wife, Sophie, and his two childrens, Ameilia and Theo.

Upcoming Events

May 3rd -7th is Teachers Appreciation Week

No School May 31st- Memorial Day weekend

Did you Know?

  • April is named for the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.
  • The Diamond Is April's Birth Stone.
  • As a birth flower for April, the daisy is associated with purity and innocence.

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