Problem/Concern in Bangladesh

In a certain part of Bangladesh there is been severe water shortages. The country has not had the amount of money need to keep the water flow together and consistent throughout the entire country. But the most severe area that this has been happening in is in Dhaka, Bangladesh where people have began protesting. This was caused by the money being low as stated before, but also the fact that the water process is not managed properly which is putting the town at risk for even more shortages. Attend this event and help fundraise to quench the thirst of many civilians and get the process managed properly!


On June 21, 2014, In Bangladesh a special performance from Logic, the hip hop artist from Gainesville, Maryland. The event will be held at 7pm for all ages and each ticket is 30$ to get inside (All ages as in everyone is welcome). Performance will be located at Bangladesh's International Fair. Help get us to $2 Million, were almost there! Provide stability for these water shortages going on out in Bangladesh!


The City of Dhaka has been around for almost over 100 years and this problem has mainly been happening in the rural areas where a group of Bangladesh citizens struggle to survive with unhealthy water. In the past these citizens helped providing enough money to where the city was comfortable, and now they are low on that money1 if 100$ came to Dhaka, that money would go to the country of Bangladesh so that the whole country has enough of healthy water! To find out more about this information go to