The knoledge of th Roman Society

By: Jessica Lopez & Danlyn Villarente


These sections are about the romans!

(・Д・)ノ thy roman are coming! (・Д・)ノ

Oh My ! The romans are coming! Will you be taken as a roman gladiator or as prisoner?

If you ever taken away, you will be taken to a school just for trainers. Your chaperion first must teach you the ways of fighting in the arena and you'll start with the basics. A wooden sword. Why? Well, since your a newbie, you might do something really dumb enough and try to kill them. Later on, if you chaprion believes that you are worthy enough to fight with a blade, in no time you will be fighting for you life!

({(-_-)} what will happen next!{(-_-)}

What happens if you get held as a prisoner?! Well first of all they will take all your riches then smash them which is very sad becuase you dont know if it has been in your family of genorations! (T ^ T). Next, they will take you for prisoner (slave) they will sell you but first they have to check if you have any sickness. If youre positive form of sickness they will hold up a sign that says youre sickness.

(>人<;) Punsihments(roman gladiaitor)

If you commited something bad for the romans you will have to be punished crimes: banked up romans, slaves,crimminal,etc. For what you have done you shall be punished by either being a slave or fight till you die! O.o