Disney or NIckeleodeon?

By: Addison Denbow


I picked this topic because I have always wondered if kids liked Disney or Nickelodeon better or which is most popular. What I learned is that it all matters on your age. Kids within the ages of 7-9 mostly chose Disney shows and kids within the ages of 11-13 chose Nickelodeon shows.


I think that younger kids chose Disney shows over Nickelodeon shows because Disney is geared to a younger side and also because Walt Disney has always loved entertaining children. Another reason would be that kids probably grew up with parents who had also loved Disney when they were little, so their parents had passed down what they loved.


I think that older kids chose Nickelodeon shows over Disney shows because Nickelodeon is geared toward an older side and has a lot of shows that are for a teenage age. Another reason would be that kids who have older siblings would probably watch those shows because their older siblings watch them. Plus, the Nickelodeon shows are close or right next to the Disney shows on TV so maybe kids just have wondered over there and found out that they liked the shows.