Liberty Academy Newsletter

September 7, 2016

College Fair

Monday, October 10, 6-8:30pm, Blue Springs High School (2000 Ashton Drive, Blue Springs)
Over 100 colleges will be in attendance.
The college fair circuit will be more efficient if you register on This site generates a barcode specific to you. Presenting this barcode to colleges of your choice at the fair puts an end to filling out information cards at every table. Instead, spend your time talking with the college reps!

High Schoolers...Think Safety First

Your teens may want to make plans without having to clear them with you first. But to keep them safe, you still need to know where they're going and who they'll be with. Insist on details, and give them a curfew. They may scoff, but deep down they'll know you care.

"OUTSIDE" food...

Please remember that students cannot have fast food delivered to Liberty Academy (for example: Jimmy Johns, Pizza Hut, Hunan Garden, etc.) Students can bring in food from home, but PLEASE NO FAST FOOD! Thanks.

Are you an A+ Student??

The Liberty 53 School District is a participant in Missouri's A+ Schools Program. The State Board of Education has designated both Liberty High School and Liberty North High School as an A+ school. Students who graduate from a designated A+ high school may qualify for a state-paid financial incentive to attend any public community college or career/technical school in Missouri if the students successfully meet all A+ Program requirements. Additionally, some Missouri four year colleges and universities offer their own incentives to A+ certified students. To start the A+ sign up process click on THIS LINK. For more information regarding the A+ Program may be found at