Roger B Clough II

Staying the Course: Why Roger B Clough II Isn’t Necessarily Swayed By Opposition

Roger B Clough II has had to make a number of difficult decisions as the superintendent of the Massena Central School District. These decisions have included both laying off and reassigning staff members, in order to allow the district’s budget to best serve the needs of its student population. Roger B Clough II obviously met resistance from community members in making these decisions; however, Roger B Clough II was dedicated to doing what was needed for student success instead of what was most pleasing to members of the community.

Roger B Clough II has always welcomed constructive criticism and suggestions when it comes to ideas on improving on programs geared toward student success in schools. Roger B Clough II knows that he makes every decision after considering the effect that it will have on the students in his district. While community members may be upset by budget decisions that may interfere with jobs, Roger B Clough II stands his ground on these types of issues. Roger B Clough II knows that though community members may be upset, in the long run, the students will benefit from what the district’s freed up funds allow them to do.

Roger B Clough II has accomplished some fantastic goals in the school district because he has stood his ground on implementing or expanding programs or changes to the budget. While Roger B Clough II is always willing to listen to constructive criticism, he has noticed that criticism from naysayers often comes from fear of change more than from a logical argument contradicting or disproving the success of an idea he plans to implement.

In the end, Roger B Clough II knows that his decisions are based on what is best for the district’s students. Having gotten results that support the changes that he’s made has made Roger B Clough II confident in his decision-making process. Roger B Clough II encourages others to examine their priorities in making decisions as well and to consider their goals.

Adapting and Growing: Why Roger B Clough II Has Found It Essential for Career Success

In his years in the education system, Roger B Clough II has learned that the ability to learn and change is key to providing students with the best education possible. Though Roger B Clough II has had years of formal education to prepare him for his current role as a district superintendent, Roger B Clough II says that he has had to learn just as much in his years on the job to be a success.

Educators have to be capable and willing to adapt to change. As society and technology change, it is the job of educators to continue preparing students to enter society as it is, and not as it was ten or fifteen years ago. Roger B Clough II knows that the changes in technology in the eighteen years that he has worked in the school system have been great and widespread. Technology is one of the things that students familiarize themselves with during their time in the school system. Roger B Clough II knows that not only is it important for his students to be familiar with new technology, but also important to be exposed to as many tools for learning as are available to them.

For Roger B Clough II, learning and growing on the job have been essential to the success that students are now achieving under his leadership. When Roger B Clough II stepped into the role of superintendent, the school district was in the midst of great financial hardship. Though budget issues were not Roger B Clough II’s area of expertise, he stepped up and learned and made some hard decisions. After the initial budgeting, Roger B Clough II was able to use his knowledge to come up with innovative ways of saving the district money on vital services, and being able to provide the district’s students with a wider range of opportunities.

Living in a Global Society: How Roger B Clough II Says It Changes What Our Children Should Be Learning

Roger B Clough II recognizes that our society and our world are becoming increasingly globalized. As educators strive to prepare students to become contributing members of our society, Roger B Clough II recognizes that part of this commitment is preparing them to be citizens of a global society, not only American society.

Part of Roger B Clough II’s commitment to that end has been the implementation of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. Roger B Clough II says that the curriculum exposes students to a wider range of influences. It brings in international ideas, histories, and cultures to challenge students. International Baccalaureate programming exists to challenge students about the way they think, and to bring influences outside of their own familiar one into their thought processes.

Roger B Clough II sees the program as a great tool to prepare students for an increasingly globalized world. In a world where communication and travel open opportunities up for every individual to travel and experience the world, Roger B Clough II recognizes the importance of preparing students to be engaged in it.

Our world is a place where trade and business are becoming increasingly international. Even a small familiarity with different ideas and different histories better prepares students for a world where they have the opportunity to work and build relationships with companies and individuals worldwide.

Roger B Clough II recognizes that preparing students to be contributing members of society means preparing them to be contributing members of a world society. In educating tomorrow’s politicians and business leaders, Roger B Clough II realizes that a greater understanding of the world around them can only help the improvement of our world in the future.

Roger B Clough II encourages other educators to follow his example and make international influences a larger part of the curriculum that they bring to their students.

Being Goal-Oriented: Why Roger B Clough II Says It’s Important

Roger B Clough II believes that having goals is important. It’s hard to finish anything if you don’t have an idea of what it is that you want to achieve. For Roger B Clough II, setting goals allows him to make the best decisions to provide the best education for the students in his district.

Roger B Clough II makes every decision based on the effect it will have on the students in his district. Roger B Clough II recognizes that if he does not set a goal for what he expect s to see from a decision, then he isn’t able to help his students best achieve success.

Roger B Clough II says that his commitment to setting goals helps him both personally and professionally. Roger B Clough II knew that he wanted to be able to make more of an impact in the education system in his community. This was his primary goal. To reach that goal, Roger B Clough II established a smaller set of long-term goals which included completing his Masters degrees and getting the experience required to prepare him to make the best decisions as a superintendent. Having reached that goal, Roger B Clough II now strives to do the best he can to raise student success rates wherever he can.

Roger B Clough II says that setting goals is not only a good way to achieve what it is you want to, but it also helps you feel accomplished and more fulfilled in your life. Setting goals is a lot like having a to-do list for your life; the more things that you’re able to check off, the better you feel about what you’ve been able to accomplish.

Roger B Clough II encourages everyone to work toward being goal-oriented. While most people are in some way, Roger B Clough II says that getting serious about setting and accomplishing goals has been pivotal to his success and now to the success of the students in his district.