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May Newsletter 2017

End of Year Celebrations

Please join us on the following days at 8:15 AM in the cafeteria to celebrate your student!

  • May 11 Kindergarten
  • May 12 1st Grade
  • May 18 3rd Grade
  • May 19 2nd Grade (500 Race immediately following)
  • May 23 4th Grade
  • May 25 5th Grade

A huge THANK YOU to all of the parents who volunteered at the Book Fair!!! With the proceeds from the fair we are able to provide teachers with books for their classrooms and purchase additional books for the Library.

The last day for checking out books from the Library will be May 11th. ALL Library books are due by May 17th. Overdue notices will be sent home on May 19th. If your child has a missing book it will need to be paid for by the end of the school year so that a new book can be purchased. Thank you for your help in getting all books turned in!

Jean Wilburn

Media Specialist

Adams Elementary 860-4272

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From Miss Roberts.....

Dear Parents,

I am excited at this time to have just completed the organization of a Field Day for all grade levels. It will be held on Monday, May 15th and it will provide a chance for all students to come together to play and work on activities as a team.

Important Reminders:

* If the weather is really nice and sunny, you may want to apply sunscreen to your child before school or come by at lunchtime if your child’s field day is in the afternoon. 2 hours in the sun could easily equal a sunburn!

* Have your child wear appropriate footwear. Sneakers are recommended. This is a day full of active fun! For safety’s sake, please NO FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS.

* The morning grass tends to be wet so 3rd – 5th graders may want to wear an older pair of tennis shoes.

Schedule for the Day:

3rd Grade – 5th Grade: 9:30am-11:30am

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: 1:00pm-3:00pm

3:00pm: Dunk Tank Booth Reward

* Those students who raised $25 for Jump Rope for Heart this year will get a chance to try and “dunk” Miss Roberts.

* Mrs. Hardcastle’s class will get a chance to try and “dunk” Mrs. Schoene.

Please leave spinners at home...

We would like to ask that students leave the spinners at home. These toys have caused numerous issues this week at school. They have become a distraction to many of our friends rather than a way to help focus.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Nurse Notes

Important Med Pick Up Reminder

If your child has medication in the school clinic, all medications are required to be transported to and from school by the child’s parent or guardian. Please feel free to start picking medications up now when you stop by the school for end of year events (at least the medications your student keeps for an as needed basis). As the school year comes to a close I want to remind you that all medications will need to be picked up by 4:00pm the last day of school (May 25). Any medications left in the clinic will be discarded and will not remain in the clinic. If you have any questions please call me at 860-4289.

Parents of 5th Graders:

Students need additional immunizations when they enter 6th grade. The Indiana State Dept. of Health's additional required shots are Tdap, and MCV4 for all 6th grade students. Please contact your student's doctor as soon as possible to schedule an appointment before school begins in July 2016. If your student has had these immunizations, please send a copy of the updated shots to the clinic. Even if your student will not be 11 before the beginning of 6th grade, the required shots are due prior to 6th grade. After your student goes to the appointment, please bring a copy of updated shot record by my clinic so I can add the updated record to your student's medical file which will be forwarded on to the middle school.

MCHD has appointments and walk in clinic hours, and the cost is $20 regardless of number of immunizations needed. The closest MCHD office is located at 505 E. National Ave, and the phone number is 317-221-5700. If you have questions or need a copy of your student's shot record you may call me in the clinic 317-860-4289 to arrange to pick up a copy or have a copy sent home.

Next Year Health Form Information

As we draw this year to a close, I want to share some quick information about next year. Each year at the beginning of the year several health related forms come home. Next year at the start of school, we will send home several forms for completion. One form is the permission to treat form which gives me permission to see your student in the clinic if they have a health need during the day. Another form which will come home is the health concerns form. This form is to alert me to any health issues your student has been diagnosed with by their medical provider.

If your student is diagnosed with asthma, each year an asthma action plan should be completed by the student's doctor and turned into the clinic at start of school year. The asthma action plan form can be found at .

If your student is diagnosed with a seizure disorder, each year a seizure action plan for should be completed by the student's doctor and turned into the clinic at start of school year. The seizure action plan form can be found at .

If your student has a life threatening food allergy that has been diagnosed by a medical provider, each year your student will complete a food allergy emergency care plan. The first year you complete these forms, there are several to complete . Once your student is in our system, the doctor will just complete a food allergy emergency form yearly . Take the form to student's medical provider for completion, return form(s) to school clinic with needed medication prior to start of school. Doctors’ orders are necessary for diagnosing and in order to alter a USDA school meal. The first year these forms come to school the processing of this paperwork may take up to 10 days. For the safety of your student, please send your student’s lunch during this 2 week period, until all paperwork and medical orders are received. Thank you for your understanding. All of these forms can be found on the district website as well. The asthma and seizure forms are found on district website select district office select health services select forms on left hand side of page. The food allergy emergency care plan is found on district website select district office select child nutrition select life threatening allergies management from left hand side of page.

I am alerting you to the asthma action plan, seizure action plan, and food allergy emergency plan, so you may have those completed by your child's doctor prior to the beginning of school. Kids frequently have yearly checkups in the summer, and most doctor's office will complete these during appointments free of charge, so I would like to save you money and hassle by alerting you to the need now. If you have any questions regarding any form, please phone me in the clinic to discuss (317)860-4289 or email me at . I am out of the office during our summer break, but I return several days prior to beginning of school.

Next year, the policy for medication will be the same. If your student has a medication that is needed for asthma, food allergy emergency plan, seizure disorder, or any other health need, the parent needs to bring the medication to the clinic and sign a permission to give form. If it is an over the counter medication, it must have the dosage medication specific to your child's age. If it is a prescribed medication, it must be current and have the prescription information on the package.

Have a great summer- stay safe and healthy!

Natalie Davis BS RN

Community Health Network School Nurse

Back to School Night

Please join us on July 24 for the Ice Cream Social and Back to School Night.

  • 5-6 meet the kindergarten teachers and learn about your classrooms. Then you may go to the cafeteria for ice cream and socializing.
  • 6-7:30 1st grade though 5th grade will have an opportunity to see their classroom, meet their teacher, and enjoy some ice cream. There is no set time to visit your classroom. Teachers will be there to meet you and hand out information about their classroom. We encourage students to bring their school supplies this evening and place them in your desk.

School is back in session July 26th. This is an early release day, Students will be dismissed at 3:20

Transportation News

What is happening in transportation? Many things! During the month of May, the Media class at FCHS is putting together a video about why you should be a bus driver for Franklin Township. The students have used their drone to film the sea of yellow buses as seen from above the lot. Drivers, students, and office personnel are being interviewed. They talk about the reasons why you would want to be a bus driver for Franklin Township. Watch for this video posted on the FTCSC website by the end of May. If you watch the video and then wish to apply for a position, please go the school website and apply. We offer health insurance and retirement benefits. We are looking for people who love to drive and love kids.

Several members of our team, will be attending the STAI convention this summer to learn more about being an effective driver/monitor, crisis planning for transportation, seat belts, and developing additional student management skills. This information/training will be shared with the entire transportation team in the fall. We will also be competing in a Safety Competition and Technician Inspection Competition. Good luck!

We are in the process of installing GPS systems on the buses and activity buses. For the next school year, we will be able to track where they are, when they make stops, show us mechanically how the bus is, and how fast buses are going. We hope to add more to the system in the upcoming years.

As we wrap up this school year and look to next school year, we will be attending the Ice Cream Socials for all elementary schools. Personnel from transportation will be at these events in order to provide assistance with eLinks, allow students to board a bus, and demonstrate how the seat belts work on the buses. ELinks is the website that parents may access to see when and where their students will be picked up. This site will be closed for the month of June. It will reopen in July. Please look at the eLinks the day before school starts as things change on a day to day basis. You can find your child’s transportation information by going to . Clink on District Office, then Transportation, and eLink routing information. Have a great summer!

We need your help!

The PTS is always looking for parents to volunteer and get involved. This is a great way to meet other parents. We especially need someone to head up the following committees:

Box Tops

Spring Fling

Mother/Son Night

We can't do it without your help. If you are interested or have any questions please call the school office at 862-2065.

Thank you!

Purchase your back to school items online here...

See the information below or click on the link above to see how you can get your school supply shopping done early while helping our school.

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