Potential and Kinetic energy

Compare and contrast potential and kinetic energy.

What is potential and kinetic energy

Potential Energy is-the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others,stresses within itself,electric charge,and other factors

Kinetic Energy-energy that a body possess by virtue of being in motion.

How? -and- When?

We use potential and kinetic energy all day every day.When we are standing in one position we are using potential energy or when we are typing on our chrome books or we are in a force of motion then that is kinetic energy.

kinetic energy

This is kinetic energy because the boy is in a type of motion he is running.

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kinetic energy

This is also Kinetic energy because the ball is moving down the hill.

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Kinetic energy

This is kinetic energy because all of these air balloons are moving up it's in motion