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Newsletter Issue 1 - Wednesday March 23rd

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In love with nachos but sick of the same old creation? I update my followers daily on new and different ways to create everyones favorite snack, Nachos!

Believe it or not, there is a nacho recipe for almost every event, all it takes is a little imagination and some delicious ingredients! Easter is right on our door step and that means getting together with the family! My twitter account is jam packed with savory nacho ideas that will spice up your family event. From appetizer nacho bites to chocolate glazed dessert nachos, everyone will love your dish!


Chips are the foundation of a solid nacho platter and could be the most important feature! Over the years I have attempted using several types, flavors and styles of chips - here are some of my tips! If you love the original taste of Tostitos, I recommend using the multi grain rounds, they have the best crunch and flavor. If you are looking for a kick, try using flavored Doritos, sweet chili heat is my personal favorite. And when you are feeling extreme, mix 2-3 Dorito flavors in at once, some bites can be spicy while others cool you down again!


Possibly the best invention on this earth... CHEESE! No matter what style of nachos you are making, cheese is the sticky goodness that pulls the creation together. Some cheese works better for some flavors where others don't, so be smart when picking out your cheese! When your making delicious pizza nachos use mozzarella cheese for that authentic pizza flavor. Or when you are making spicy jalapeno nachos, try using monterey jack cheese to keep the spice on coming!


Toppings is where the true creative mind dominates when making amazing nachos. It may seem easy to do, however some toppings don't work well together (trust me i learned the hard way). For instance, if you get the bright idea to add fruit to your nachos, re-think your life; it doesn't work! On the apposing end, try adding fried chicken and franks red hot sauce! This is where you can be creative and make a flavor original to you! Snap a pic of your creation and tweet it at me! I would love to see your ideas!
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Is someone you know having a birthday!?

Surprise your friends and family with a platter of birthday nachos! A great trick is to quickly pull away the platter and say "It's NACHO birthday!" It's up to you if you want to give them back or have a fiesta of your own ;) Birthday Nachos are always a fun spin if you are tired of that same old birthday cake!
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Trying to break up with your partner?

Let them down the most delicious way with a platter of BREAK UP NACHOS! Just make the two of you a platter nachos (any style) and when you are done eating... tell them its over! It works every time! (I am not responsible for results ;)

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Loaded BBQ Chicken Nachos

^ Here's a great YouTube video on how to make loaded BBQ chicken nachos! Enjoy! ^