Taylor Lei Royce

The Life and Adventures Of

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My Hopes And Dreams

I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl. It wasnt until high school that I really explored this with intent. my junior year of high school I took an online course of American Sign Language. In this class we were asked to write an entry about how we would incorporate sign laguage with the job that we want to have when we are older. So I discovered that there was a lot of sign language involved with children that have communication disorders or in spercial education in general. This interest develpoed what I hope to get my masters in. I would love to go further in my education and become a special education teacher or go into to communication disorders. When it comes to music I want to have that be a common and fun thing that is present. having music can motivate children in creative and intellictual ways. Even the simplest of things can spark an intrest in a child that could change the way the experiance life through music.


Michael Bublé - Everything by Phil_Guate

Hometown Throw Down

I was born in the very very very small town of Cooperville Michigan. it is on the went side of the state by Grand Rapids. I have two wonderful parents, Robert and Leian Royce and one younger brother, Jordan, who is a freshman in high school.

Christmas With The Family


I have never been musically gifted. I do have a love for music. As a young child I was exposed to Bruce Springsteen. He is my mother's favorite artist. When I was in thrid grade for my birthday my mom got us tickets to a concert. it was a night i will never forget. We were on the floor and got into the pit. adn since there wasnt a lot of little kids at the concert all the adults took pitty on me and I got to the front of the floor. I was in heaven, with a perfect view and could reach my little hand out and the band members could reach out and touch my hand. I thought I was the coolest.ever since then I have listened to just about every song that of Bruce Springsteen song and have been to 13 Bruce Springsteen concerts. Other that that though I have tried band for a year and failed so I am going to stick to listening and singing within the safety of my own car shower and bedroom.