The Making of a Navy SEAL

By Brandon Webb

By Caleb Heims

About the Author

The Author of The Making of a Navy SEAL is Brandon Webb. The book is an autobiography about his life and career as a Navy SEAL. Brandon Webb was an amazing SEAL and sniper. He went on a nine day mission to the Zhawar Kili complex, worked as a sniper to protect the USS Cole after it it was attacked, and helped to recreate the basic sniper training course. I think Brandon Webb wrote this book to explain what a Navy SEAL really does, and the hardships that they face. Brandon even quotes in the book, "Why am i telling you this? Because it matters. You may never shoot a sniper rifle. You may never serve as part of an assault team, or stand security in combat, or board a hostile ship at midnight on the high seas. You may never wear a uniform. You may never even throw a punch in the name of freedom. I'll tell you what, though. Whatever it is you do, you are making a stand for either mediocrity or excellence." I agree with Brandon's explanation. I too think this is the main reason for The Making of a Navy SEAL.
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KWL Chart

What I know

  • Navy Seals are special trained and are "elite" soldiers.
  • Training to become a Navy Seal is hard.
  • A team of Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden.

What I Want to Know or Think I’ll Learn

  • What exactly a Navy Seal does.
  • How to Become a Navy Seal.
  • The differences between a Navy Seal and other ranks in the military.
  • Stories from Navy Seals.

What I learned

  • What a Navy SEAL does.
  • What you need to do to become a Navy SEAL.
  • The stories of some great Navy SEALS.
  • Some things that the Navy SEALS were responsible for.
  • How the different courses in the navy seal training (especially sniper school) was refined by Brandon Webb and others.


  1. June 12, 1974, Brandon Webb was born.
  2. 1980, the Webb family declared bankruptcy and moved from Canada to America.
  3. 1989, the Webb family tried to sail around the world. Brandon was thrown off the boat into the ocean.
  4. March, 1993, Brandon enters navy boot camp.
  5. 1997, Brandon enters BUD/S training.
  6. August 14, 1998, Brandon graduates SEAL tactical training and earns his SEAL trident.
  7. June 12, 2000, Brandon graduates from basic sniper training on his 26th birthday.
  8. Sunday, January 6, 2000, Brandon and his platoon are deployed into the Zhawar Kili complex.
  9. 2002, Brandon was promoted to petty officer class E-6
  10. Summer of 2003, Brandon was asked to help redesign the basic sniper training course.

Brandon Webb

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The Attack on the USS Cole

"I talked with a few survivors to find out exactly what happened, and how this...had penetrated the Cole's security. The answer was.. Security? What security? protection they'd set up a few guys on the ships rail with unloaded M-14s...they were protecting a billion dollar vessel by standing on its deck with weapons that were unloaded...I soon learned that...this was standard security...Soon the military was making it mandatory for at least 30 percent of every ships crew to be actually trained in force protection." I think this is important because this changed the way the military protected its ships. If this didn't happen, the military might have not strengthened their security.

While Brandon was training on base

"...As I stepped out of the Humvee I happened to glance down at the rear tire...I bent down slowly to get a closer look. It was a det cord...So I called Brad, one of our EOD guys, over to take a look...Very slowly, very carefully they checked the whole scene out..."Okay guys," Brad finally said..."...We have parked directly on top of an antitank mine. Which happens to be tied directly tied to three antipersonnel mines."...We stood in place while Brad...dismantled the whole mess...Brad came over to us...and said, "Whoever set this thing up missed one step. They didn’t set up the drum correctly. As a result, the pressure plate didn’t rotate properly and it failed to initiate the charge. Which, all things considered, is a good thing." I think this is important because Brandon could have been killed right there.