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What is Electromagnetic Induction?

Before knowing how any of our wonderful items utilize this fantastic physics concept, you mus first understand the basics. Combining the ideas behind Faraday's law (changes in magnetic fields produce current in nearby conductors) with those regarding alternating currents (currents that change and cause disturbances in their respective magnetic fields) we have Electromagnetic Induction. Simply put, this is a way of transferring energy without having the sender and receiver come into direct contact. The alternating current flowing through the sender causes the magnetic field to move which affects the adjacent conductors, producing a current.

Motors vs. Generators

Electromagnetic induction allows you to convert between mechanical and electrical energy. This can go in both directions. The conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy is done by generators, and the conversion of electrical energy in mechanical energy is done by motors.

The Electronics for Sale

What To Do Now?

Once you've settled on a product to buy, why not know a bit more about what electromagnetism does for all of us everyday. The electromagnetism that we receive from the sun has come to be converted directly converted into energy in solar panels, a form of clean and renewable energy. Beyond induction there are also simple uses of magnetic forces such as fridge magnets which we use to organize our lives with easily viewed reminders of events. Electromagnets are used in mass transportation via high speed trains in Asia and Europe, which use the technology of magnetic fields not only to levitate the massive trains, but also to propel them to incredible speeds. Further more, outside of the technological realm, electric forces between all matter is what provides us with the ability to touch things without matter ever truly coming into contact with any other matter. Electric Fields have been used fight cancer through disrupting the division and reproduction of cancerous cells.

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