Attack!!Attack!! Beware Hittites!!

The Heiroglyphic Times


If you live near Kadesh, pack up everything you can and leave NOW. This may sound pessimist, but there is a reason for this. We have heard news that there is about to be a giant battle, and we don't want anyone to die. Below are the attacking plans of each of the armies. We have already tried to inform Pharaoh's army, but we are not sure if they got the message. We will try again over the following days. Below is some advice on what to do.

Evacuation Plans

We have secured an area in a forest 30 miles away where it is safe for us to make camp. Later in the week there will be a meeting about how to get to the site in the plaza at 3:00 p.m. There you will also be informed on other details, like helping those who don't have transportation.

What To Bring





Small God Statues

Small Sacred Items


Light Mattresses

Wagons To Put The Things In

Animals To Carry Us And Pull Wagons


If Have Space Left Over, Anything Else You Can Fit, If Not, Leave It

Remember, You Should Prioritize The Things Above

Done By: Isabella Dretzka