Mashburn Minute

Mashburn Elementary May 6, 2016

What's coming up!!! - LOTS OF NEW DATES AND CHANGES!!!

May 6th - Visitors in the building from Union County looking at Gloss

May 8th - Mothers Day

May 9th - End of year faculty meeting procedures, Teacher Appreciation Week,

May 10th - Teacher Appreciation Lunch

May 11th - K field trip, fire drill, Maxwell Street Spirit Night

May 12th - 5th grade visits Lakeside,

May 13th - Field Day

May 17th- Retention Meetings, Blue Bear Awards

May 18th - Tie, TUTU and t-shirt day, Walk to School, Vertical IST meetings, Online ITS Learning Day (Morning)

May 20th - Mashburn 4th and 5th visiting Lakeside and having a picnic, Grizzly Day of Giving

May 23rd - Ga Milestone retest

May 24th -Milestone retest, Rosati's Spirit night

May 25th - Milestone retest

May 26th - 5th grade graduation at Central High 6:00

May 27th - Last Day of School

May 30th - Memorial Day

May 31st - K screening, Post planning, class placement

June 1st - Postplanning, check out

July 9th - 10th - The 7 Mindsets Ultimate Life Summit in Atlanta

Summer Learning Opportunities!!!

Some fun things for the last day of school.....

Teacher Leadership Endorsement!!!

The Teacher Leader Endorsement is being offered again next year. It is a yearlong endorsement focusing on how to hone your leadership skills and remain connected to the classroom. You wil learn the ins and outs of TKES, strategies to help other teachers grow in the profession, and the understanding of changes within the school. Linda Reid will be instructing the course again next year. If you mentor a new teacher, the endorsement is paid for by the county. Please feel free to ask Maryclaire if you have any questions about the course work.

It's that time of year.....

It's that time of year when people make changes, move grades or even move schools! I am sure you have heard most of the moves but here is where we are right now....

Chelsea - is headed to work for the Mindsets

Julie - has graduated to Lakeside Middle school.

Cailen - is headed to live in Colorado.

Ashley - is staying home with that sweet baby, but will sub at the beginning of the year.

Kevin - is headed to Otwell Middle.

Audrey - Is headed to Desana Middle.

Darcel - is going to rock Brandywine Elementary.

Nikki - is going to be a middle school sped teacher at Riverwatch.

Kimmie - is moving into an eip/esol position here at Mashburn.

Carol - is retiring after many years of rocking the front office!

Kim Hobbs - is hired as a full time teacher who will be housed in the media center

Keri - Will be in the special education dept rocking some rep's!