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Is there a problem you want to talk about. Having trouble with school work or bulling? Or is it that there some family issues? Whatever it may be don't be afraid to send a letter to our website. We will provide any advice to relieve you of any type of stress or questions.

Dear Jaden,

I feel like there isn't enough time in the day to complete everything that needs to be done. I have so many responsibilities because my parents aren't home most of the time. So a lot of work is put on me. I hate to disappoint, so i stay up late to ensure everything gets done. That way i don't get into trouble. Also, I wake up very early to finish whatever wasn't done the night before. I'm having a hard time staying awake during the day because of my lack of sleep. I never have time to relax. What do I do?


Dear Koko,

I first want to say that you or your parents shouldn't put so much stress on you because you're only a child and a child shouldn't have to stay up late in the night to finish any chores or work you didn't do during the daytime. A child needs eight to ten hours of sleep so this habit of stay up at night isn't healthy. The first thing you should do to keep yourself from overworking is to prioritize what is important and do those chores first. Make a time schedule so that you won't be working all the time and have time for yourself and your friends. Don't finish everything if you know you have to stay up very late to do it. If you get in trouble for not completing your chores by your parents, I recommend you inform your parents that the workload is too much and that needs to be spread among the three of you evenly. If you having trouble not being able to stay up during most of your day I advise that you don't skip your meals, keep yourself hydrated and try to get as much sleep as you can and also naps. If none of these work, then try going to your family doctor for further discretion. You're only a child so these habits aren't good for you. I hope you'll be able to use this advice to ease your workload.


Dear Jaden

Why do some young teens become sexually active? Are they not aware of the possible consequences?


Dear Wondering,

Some young boys and girls might become sexually active in their teens, this can be caused by the level of testosterone and estrogen levels in their bodies. During puberty, lots of hormones are released and depending on the person, it can start very early to the age of ten and more out up of testosterone and estrogen can be in their body. So, it'll only be natural they'll become sexually active. Also, it can be that social media has pressured young minds that to be an adult you must be sexually active. Like in a lot of movies, teenagers are sexually active. So, people took those examples and became sexually active. On average, teenagers lose their virginity at age 17 so they might become pressured at that age to start being active by their peers. The consequences of being sexually active can be really tragic like teenage pregnancy or even an STD such as chlamydia, AIDS and HPV. But that those consequences can be avoided by using a condom, so maybe they're aware of the consequences but know how to be safe, and that isn't a problem. At the end of the day if the young teen is comfortable being sexually active then there's no need to be worried. Don't go having sex just because you're pressured to and remember to choose the proper time for you to become sexually active