The Cotton Gin

Created by: Eli Whitney

What was the cotton gin ?

It was a invention created by Eli Whitney. This invention was a success for faster production because, it greatly speeded up the process of removing seeds from the cotton fiber. This invention also, offered Southern planters a justification to maintain and expand slavery.

Does Technology Emancipate? The Effects of the Cotton Gin on Slavery

Cotton Gin's Impact on Society

The South became the cotton producing part of society because of this new invention. The invention impacted society because, farmers could plant more cotton and make faster profits. The invention also granted society because, cotton was hard to clean and it made it much faster to become clean. Society was very thankful because, cotton could grown anywhere even on land that was drained of its nutrients.

Slaves and the Cotton Gin

Cotton Gin Influencing Slavery

The cotton gin influenced slavery because, the cotton fiber that was used to take a slave almost 2 years to produce could be obtained by 2 saves in one day. Also, the cotton production in the south rose 380% in the 20 years the cotton gin was invented. The biggest accomplishment of the cotton gin is the slaves in the U.S rose dramatically from 700,000 in 1790 to 3,200,000 in 1850.
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