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News and notes for the first day of the spring semester

Scholars will attend their advisory class first tomorrow - January 5th

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Principal's Message to Hornet Families to begin the Spring Semester

Great evening fantastic families,

We are excited to return to campus January 5th with safety as our number one concern. We are encouraging all families to speak to your scholar about the importance of masking and taking the COVID protocols seriously. Toward the end of the first semester proper masking became a concern and we just want to be proactive in our approach to addressing improper masking. It is an Austin ISD expectation that each and every person in an AISD building wears a mask. Gators are not permitted. Teachers have expressed their concern and the administrative team shares the same sentiment. Teachers have committed to starting each day with a public service announcement as a reminder of the importance of masking properly, taking all other known safety precautions, and ending the period with a reminder of the importance of masking during transitions. Our response to students refusing to mask properly will include possible class removal, parent contact, an afterschool lesson about the importance of masking, and parent conferences. We will also incorporate mask sweeping as a regular practice. Our goal is to assure our community is safe for each and every family who has chosen us as their child's primary educator. Scholars' first class tomorrow will be advisory, where students will receive their schedules and a lesson to start the new semester. We are excited about creating a GREAT learning experience for our scholars and thankful you are a part of the Kealing Community.

#BEGREATmentality #ProgressNotPerfection

KMS Safety Protocols as of 1/4/2021

All Day

Mask wearing is mandatory

Before School

All staff, students, and visitors are encouraged to self screen for COVID 19 symptoms before entering into a campus or other Austin ISD Facilities each day


- We will maintain outdoor markers to social distance


- we will encourage moving halls where students are encourage to not stop while transitioning to classes

- staggered release

- Mask sweeps


- We are seating/desks at least 3 feet apart when feasible

- Each classroom has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration unit

- Personal Protective Equipment will be available in each room

- Plexiglass dividers available

- Additional outdoor seating (2 outdoor classrooms & the courtyard if teachers plan to use)

Breakfast & Lunch

- Assigned seating

- Students are allowed to eat lunch both inside the cafeteria and outside in the courtyard

- Plexiglass accordian dividers

-Volunteer lunch monitors

- The courtyard comfortably seats 5 classes, which is from 25% - 100% of the lunch capacity for each lunch period.


- we will have staggered dismissal where scholars will be dismissed by areas of the building to reduce traffic.

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Regular bell Schedule Starting January 6th

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Noteable Spring Semester Adjustments

Tiered Response to Mask Concerns

  1. Daily public service announcement by teachers & Warning

  2. Possible removal from class and parent contact

  3. After school mask lesson with a reflection activity (Students will also share message with class upon his/her return)

  4. Parent Conference

Campus administrators will also conduct mask sweeps regularly

* Snacking will not be allowed in the classroom or during transitions

* Water breaks must be taken in the hall, not in the classroom

4 Lunch Periods

After reshuffling and adjusting lunch sizes and the courtyard lunch set up, we are piloting the 4 lunch approach.

Lunches are now A- D as opposed to A-E

This is a pilot and subject to change if it does not benefit the campus community

Students will find out their lunch assignments tomorrow upon receiving their schedules

KMS Courtyard Set Up

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